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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Bishop of Charlotte proclaims 2020 the "Year of St. Joseph"

en.news Bishop Peter Joseph Jugis of Charlotte, North Carolina, declared 2020 as the diocesan “Year of St. Joseph.”

2020 marks the 150th anniversary of Pius IX proclaiming St. Joseph as the patron of the Universal Church.

The January 1 Mass at Charlotte cathedral was standing room only as the start of the special year was celebrated. It focuses on the effort to be holy, the bishop said. Details of the year are published on YearofStJoseph.org.

Jugis became Charlotte Bishop in 2003. Since then, the number of Catholics almost doubled. The number of priests grew from 96 to 114. No wonder a decadent Vatican has little use for him.


GLORIOUS PATRIARCH ST. JOSEPH, obtain for me this beautiful and precious virtue. Increase in me a lively faith, the foundation of all sanctity, that faith without which no one can be pleasing to God.

Obtain for me that faith which triumphs over all temptations of the world. A faith which can be shaken by nothing, and which is directed solely toward God. Cause me, after thy example, to live by faith, and to subject my heart and understanding to God, that one day I may behold in Heaven what I now firmly believe on earth. Amen.

 Isidore of Isolanis, a pious Dominican of the 16th century, prophesied that “the victory bell will be heard when the faithful recognize the sanctity of St. Joseph.”

Prayer of confidence in St. Joseph
With childlike confidence I present myself before thee, Oh holy Joseph, faithful foster father of Jesus! I beg thy compassionate intercession and support in this, my present necessity. [Name your petition.]I firmly believe that thou art most powerful near the throne of God, who chose thee for the foster father of his well-beloved son, Jesus Christ. Oh blessed Saint, who saved that treasure of heaven, with his virginal mother, from the fury of his enemies, who with untiring industry supplied his earthly wants and with paternal care accompanied and protected him in all the journeys of his childhood, take me also, for the love of Jesus, as thy child. Assist me in my present difficulty with thy prayers before God. The infinite goodness of our savior,who loved and honored thee as his father upon earth, cannot refuse thee any request now in heaven.
How many pious souls have sought help, from thee in their needs and have experienced, to their joy, how good, how ready thou art to assist. How quickly thou dost turn to those who call upon thee with confidence! How powerful thou art in bringing help and restoring joy to anxious and dejected hearts! Therefore, do I fly to thee, Oh most worthy father of Jesus, most chaste spouse of Mary! Good St. Joseph, I pray thee by the burning love thou hadst for Jesus and Mary upon earth, console me in my distress and present my petition, through Jesus and Mary, before the throne of God! One word from thee will move him to assist my afflicted soul. Then most joyfully shall I praise him and thee, and more earnest shall be my thanksgiving!


The Holy Cloak Novena

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