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Thursday, January 9, 2020

Cardinal Zen: Francis Claims Continuity With Benedict While Opposite Is True

en.news Hong Kong Cardinal Joseph Zen wrote a September 27 one-page-letter to all Cardinals regarding the Chinese Church (MarcoTosatti.com, January 8).

He insists, the matter concerns “the whole Church” and reminds the Cardinals about their duty to help the Pope in leading the Church.

According to Zen, the Vatican’s June 2019 pastoral guidelines prompt the Chinese Catholics to enter a schismatic group.

In this context, he notices that Cardinal Parolin misquoted a statement of Benedict XVI and adds, “It disgusts me that they often declare that what they are doing is in continuity with the previous pope’s thought, while the opposite is true.”

Zen believes that the September 2018 secret agreement between Francis and China is the same, Benedict refused to sign in 2012.

He begs the Cardinals “on his knees” not to “passively witness the killing of the Church in China by those who should protect and defend her from the enemies.”

China: Does New Law Say Something About the Secret Agreement?

en.news The Chinese Communist Regime will soon introduce 41 articles in order to better subjugate religious communities, according to press reports.

Religious groups will be ordered to follow the Communist leadership, to implement the "values of socialism” and to disseminate the "principles and politics of the Communist Party" [in short, to do what the Vatican is practicing since Francis' election].

Without state approval and registration, a religious group will be considered illegal. They must also be governed from within China.

In September 2018, Francis signed a secret agreement with the Chinese Communists, forcing the underground Catholic Church to join a Communist State entity, called Patriotic Association.

Francis recognised the bishops of the Patriotic Association who were appointed by the Communists.

The forthcoming law must be in keeping with the previous agreement with the Vatican otherwise the agreement would either be contradicted or the Catholic Church would receive an unlikely special status among the religious communities in China.

Cardinal Zen: Pope Francis is Backing a “Fake Church” in China

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