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Sunday, May 5, 2024

Twenty Catholic Scholars Expose Francis’ Crimes

 Catholic Scholars and priest demand that Francis resign from the papacy for heresy and cover-up of pedophile priests

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Nearly twenty scholars have written a statement on 2 May summarising the "crimes and heresies" of Francis.

Among the signatories is a cleric, Rev. Linus Clovis. They call on Francis "to resign from the papal office".

The lengthy 18-page text lists Francis' "crimes", including a long list of cases where Francis protected homosexual abusers and then lied about doing so ("sabotage of justice"). It also lists Francis' heresies, and analyses his roots and their consequences regarding Francis' tenure.

Promotion of homosexual abusers

When he was the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Bergoglio protected his friend Rev. Julio Grassi, who was later convicted of abusing boys in homes for street children he founded. Francis commissioned a 2,600-page report for the Argentine Supreme Court that exonerated Grassi and attacked his victims. Bergoglio's attempt failed. When questioned about the report, he lied and said he had nothing to do with it.

Francis' friend, former Bishop Gustavo Óscar Zanchetta of Orán, Argentina, was one of the first bishops appointed by Francis in 2013. He was convicted of homosexual abuse of seminarians. The Holy See was informed of naked selfies on Zanchetta's phone in 2015. Zanchetta only resigned in 2017, and Francis created immediately a special position for him in the Vatican.

When he was vicar general, Archbishop Mario Delpini of Milan transferred Don Mauro Galli to another parish after Galli had allegedly abused a young man. Delpini admitted this in court testimony in 2014, and the Holy See knew about it. Francis appointed Delpini as Archbishop of Milan in 2017, but has never liked him much since [Galli's case should not have been included in the list because the sentence against him was overturned by the Italian Supreme Court. The case was only resolved 12 years later by a plea bargain that resulted in three years of house arrest, while Galli was acquitted by an ecclesiastical tribunal].

In December 2013 and again in May 2014, a group of deaf children and teenagers from the Provolo School for the Deaf in Lujan de Cuyo, Argentina, informed Francis that Father Nicola Corradi who worked in the school, had abused them. Corradi had previously abused minors in Italy and was then moved to Argentina. Francis referred the case to the Italian bishops' conference and did nothing. In Argentina, Corradi continued his abuse. In 2016, Corradi was arrested along with other abusers and the institute was closed. In 2019, he was sentenced to 42 years in prison for sexually abusing children between 2004 and 2016, and died shortly afterwards.

Francis protects Father Marko Rupnik, whose sacrilegious fornication with two dozen nuns was found credible by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and the Jesuits. Rupnik was even excommunicated in 2020. Francis almost immediately lifted the excommunication and invited Father Rupnik a couple of weeks later to preach a Lenten retreat at the Vatican. Rupnik continues his career under Bergoglio's protection.

Francis also supported cardinals who didn't take adequate action against sexual abuse. They all belong to his party: Danneels, De Kesel, Marx, Murphy-O'Connor, Rodriguez Maradiaga, Errazuriz Ossa, McCarrick and his associates Cupich, Tobin, Gregory, McElroy, Wuerl.

Other crimes of Bergoglio

Francis engaged in idolatry when Pachamama, a South American demon, was placed in front of the main altar of St Peter's during the 2019 Amazon Synod. [John Paul II enabled similar things at the Assisi meetings.]

He ordered that impenitent adulterers be absolved and given Communion if they knowingly and willingly remain in adultery. He introduced a [pseudo] blessings for adulterous and homosexual couples.

Francis removed bishops without moral or legal basis (Mgr Strickland, Mgr Daniel Fernández). He attempted to suppress the Roman Rite. And he sacrificed the Church in China to the state.

A list of Francis' heresies

Amoris Laetitia, 2016: "It can no longer be said simply that all those in an 'irregular' situation [= fornication] live in a state of mortal sin and are deprived of sanctifying grace."

Amoris Laetitia: Francis claims that in some circumstances adulterers do not sin by committing adultery, and that adultery can be morally good.

Abu-Dhabi Declaration, 2019: God not only permits, but positively wills the pluralism and diversity of [false] religions, both Christian and non-Christian.

Fiducia supplicans, 2023: Catholic priests may bless cohabitants even if the basis of their cohabitation is adultery, fornication or homosexual relations.

The death penalty is "always" and "everywhere" morally wrong.

In his response to the 2023 Dubia, Francis implied that dogmas or passages of Scripture can be rejected as "false".

Effects of Francis' Crimes

The declaration also observes that Francis is a product of the modernist crisis of the early 20th century, which significantly influenced the Second Vatican Council. He holds a neo-modernist view of revelation, faith and theology.

"Francis uses the time-honoured technique of appointing subordinates who are personally compromised in order to be sure of their absolute obedience and loyalty".

Francis' fundamental goal is "to secure the ascendancy that neo-modernism achieved over the Church after the mid-20th century, and to turn this ascendancy into a permanent victory that will lead to the eradication of Catholic faith, morals and worship once and for all."

Francis allegedly understands his opponents, "who usually do not understand him and his strategy" and he relies mainly on their fear.

The declaration knows that a resignation or a declaration of Francis' loss of office will not solve the problems: "When Francis is gone, the clerical corruption that produced him and that he promoted will remain."

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