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Friday, July 27, 2018

Witness: 'Cardinal' Farrell Is Lying

Cardinal Kevin Farrell, the Prefect of the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life, was far closer to the homosexual abuser, Father Marcial Maciel, than he admits, the former priest Paul Lennon has stated. Lennon belonged for 23 years to the Legion of Christ, founded by Maciel.

Lennon joined the order together with Farrell's brother Brian who is now a bishop in the Roman Curia.

In November 2016 Cardinal Farrell told the Irish Times that “maybe I would have met Maciel once or twice, but I never suspected anything”.

Lennon does not believe him. Talking to Churchmiltant.com (July 25) he states that Farrell knew Maciel “on a personal basis”.

According to Lennon's information, Farrell and other Legionaries participated on at least one occasion in a "pillow fight in their pyjamas to entertain Maciel.”

Already while being a seminarian in Rome, Farrell received special tasks from Maciel like being the chauffeur for the late Argentina born Curia Cardinal Eduardo Pironio (+1998).

Lennon said that the vast majority of Legionaries did not know that Maciel abused seminarians,

“However, Kevin was in a closer relationship and had much more access to Fr Maciel than the regular men in the trenches." 

Predator Maciel patron of pedophiles and liars

Homosexual predator McCarrick was protected by HOMOSEXUALS in the AMERICAN HIERARCHY!

Bergoglio chose as Cardinal Pro Gay Kevin Farrell an accomplice of McCarrick, who Lived In Same Apartment With the homosexual predator of seminarians

Cdl. McCarrick and those who covered for him betrayed their priestly vocation 

‘Spirit of (Pope) Francis’ award given to Cardinal McCarrick by Cardinal Cupich scrubbed from site 

The Catholic Church is punishing U.S. priests for speaking the truth about Islam and jihad

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