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Friday, January 4, 2019

Catholics Urge Sacred Heart University to Cancel Lecture by Pro-LGBT Activist apostate Priest James Martin

Urge Sacred Heart University to Cancel Lecture by Pro-Homosexual Priest -- a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Apostate James Martin:
  • Supports transgenderism for children
  • Said Catholics should "reverence" homosexual unions
  • Favors homosexual kissing during Mass (sacrilege against God)
  • Said homosexuals should be "invited" to be Eucharistic ministers
  • Received a 2016 award from New Ways Ministry, a group condemned by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops 
  • Promoted a sacrilegious pro-homosexual "Rainbow Rosary"
  • Attacked the purity of Our Lady of Guadalupe
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We the Catholic faithful (more than  + ) support this petition.


The Apostate James Martin Blasphemes the Holy Rosary

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