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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Romero's canonization is invalid

The canonization process of Oscar Romero not only had to be blocked but also had to be suspended.  It all began because Oscar Romero was assassinated for political reasons because he became involved with the Marxist theology of liberation in such a way that he became an accomplice of the FMLN guerrilla group, which has now become a political group that promotes abortion and homosexuality.  Romero protected the guerrillas who fought against the government to establish the Marxist-Castro-Sandinista revolution in El Salvador.  Collaborating with communism is cause for excommunication. 

Romero defended and protected the marxist guerrilla group FMLN. They are now a political Party who are Pro-gay and Pro-abortion

Romero gave extensive political speeches in the cathedral, occupied many times by left-wing activists, lasted more than an hour each Sunday and were recorded to be later reproduced. 

Second, the postulates for Romero's cause has one who is a pedophile and the other is a pro-sodomite apostate.

Postulator 'bishop' and biographer for the 'cause' of Romero is a pedophile

Gloria.TV News on the 21st of December 2016

Three El Salvador priests have been defrocked by the Vatican for sexual abuse. One of them is 77-year-old Jesús Delgado, the former private secretary, biographer and postulator of the cause of leftwing Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero. When the scandal broke, Delgado was Vicar General of the Archdiocese of San Salvador. He was accused of having abused a female minor decades ago.

Sant'Egidio, promoted and paid for Romero's cause

Influence of Marxist theology of liberation in the thought of Romero 

Among the collaborators of Romero we find one of the fathers of the Marxist liberation theology, the Jesuit Jon Sobrino and the Jesuit Rutilio Grande García, promoter of the TML, the latter's murder was responsible for Romero's direct involvement with the  movement leftist against the Salvadorian Government. 

Jon Sobino: "I know very well that in the Vatican a problem for his canonization has been my possible influence on his writings and homilies." 

Ex-president of Salvador Pro-gay Pro-abortion was a student of the communist Jesuit Rutilio, Romero's personal friend 

Bergoglio adulterated the concept of Martyrdom to include murders for political reasons. 

LifeSiteNews Journalist Maike Hickson conducted an interview with author George Neumayr on his new book, The Political Pope 
MH: In the context of Pope Francis' possible sympathies with communism, could you tell us more about the canonizations of Archbishop Óscar Romero and Dom Hélder Câmara?
GN: Romero's canonization movement had stalled under the two previous popes. But under Francis it bolted forward, with the meaning of martyrdom stretched to include politically-motivated assassinations. That is a papal nod to Romero's status as a fashionable left-wing victim of government brutality. By way of contrast, it is hard to imagine the Vatican fiddling also with the rules for a right-wing bishop whose politics led to his death.

The Camâra canonization movement – he was called the red cardinal for his support for communist guerillas — would have been rejected out of hand by previous popes. But Pope Francis is letting it move forward.

Sin of Idolatry: The Catholic Church only allows the public worship of the saints who are canonized. 

 In the case of Romero, the decrees of "non cultu" of Urban VIII have been violated since the begining: 

 The followers of Romero since his assassination 'canonized' him by giving him public worship and even calling him "San Romero", thus breaking the decrees of "non cultu" of Urban VIII.  Compliance with these requirements must be confirmed in each beatification process.  DIVINUS PERFECTIONIS MAGISTER, 1983, § 6. The decrees impose prohibitions of public "worship" on a person before being the cult authorized by the Holy See through a decree of canonization. 

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