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Monday, March 12, 2018

Romero defended and protected the marxist guerrilla group FMLN. They are now a political Party who are Pro-gay and Pro-abortion

Funes came to power in coalition with the left-wing FMLN, the same marxist group that Romero supported

Oscar Romero protected the subversive who fought against the government to establish the Marxist-Castro-Sandinista revolution in El Salvador FMLN.

The pro- abortion & Pro- gay (former) President Carlos Mauricio Funes Cartagena (June 1, 2009 to June 1, 2014) won the 2009 presidential election as the candidate of the left-wing Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN). Funes was another main figure who promoted the 'canonization' of Romero. He even attributed to Romero a 'miracle'. Funes came to power in coalition with the leftwing FMLN.  Funes bringing a party of leftwing former guerrillas to power. He was married to  Vanda Pignato a left-wing Pro-gay activist.

Romero's game changers

«Mauricio Funes was to official recognition of Archbishop Romero in El Salvador what Constantine was to the acceptance of Christianity in Rome.  Like the Roman Emperor, Funes was committed to Romero both for political expediency as well as for what appears to be genuine faith.  Funes recognized that Romero had achieved a broad level of international acclaim, but had never been tapped by any Salvadoran government.  On the other hand, Funes and his wife appear to be genuine Romero devotees, believing his intercession allowed them to conceive a child after experiencing fertility problems.  Whatever his motivation, Funes’ appearance on the scene was decisive for the Romero cause...

Funes began his administration by stating that Romero would be its spiritual guide, and he presented Romero as the national moral reference for El Salvador.  Funes admitted the State’s role in Romero’s assassination and issued an official apology.  Funes led a number of high profile tributes, becoming the first Salvadoran president to attend Romero commemorations, and naming several infrastructure projects after Romero, including El Salvador’s airport and a new highway artery...  On the other hand, because Funes was a centrist, and because of his highly personalized devotion to Romero, his intervention was not seen as further utilization of Romero by the extreme left, but rather a nationalization of his figure which helped dispel the polarization which had led to the stagnation of the cause». 


«Mr. Funes was elected to succeed Mr. Saca as a candidate of the leftwing FMLN, the former guerrillas who squared off against rightwing forces and a military dictatorship that ruled El Salvador through the early 1980s.  When Mr. Funes came to office, he vowed to make Romero his moral reference point and has declared Romero as the “spiritual guide of El Salvador.”  On the 30th anniversary of Romero's death, Funes acknowledged state participation in the assassination and asked forgiveness for it.  
The statement adds that, “He himself (Bergoglio) cited the case of Father Rutilio Grande”. The President pointed out that he was a *pupil of Father Grande, who was killed three years before Romero, who then drew inspiration from his example.  

*Rutilio Grande:Jesuit promoter liberation theology 

"On 4 May 2010, (former) President Mauricio Funes issued a presidential decree banning discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in the public service.[2] At the same time, President Funes created a Sexual Diversity Division within the Secretary of Social Inclusion, which was headed by a member of the lesbian community". 

«As Bishop Rosa points out, since coming to the throne of St. Peter, Pope Francis has heard several petitions for the beatification of Archbishop Romero.   The informal lobbying of the pontiff began the day of his installation.   Salvadoran First Lady Vanda Pignato greeted the Pope after his installation Mass on March 19.  Pignato wore a Romero pin when she approached the Pope in the receiving line and, “He told me that he hoped the canonization of Archbishop Romero would be as soon as possible. I showed him my Archbishop Romero picture, my pin, and I told him that I hoped it would be during his papacy, during his pontificate. He smiled at me and I took both his hands and asked him that it would be so.” 

Sant'Egidio, promoted and paid for Romero's cause

Bergoglio accuses the political prisoners who fought against Communism with crimes of Lesa Humanity and defends Marxist terrorists.

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