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Friday, March 9, 2018

Romero – Compromised Canonization

Vincenzio Paglia with Pedophile Jesus Delgado

en.news Pope Francis decreed on 6 March 2018 the canonization of the late San Salvador Archbishop Oscar Romero.

However, Monsignor Jesus Delgado, the priest who was instrumental for this, was laicized in December 2016. Delgado was Romero’s private secretary, close collaborator, first biographer and co-postulator of his case of beatification.

He admitted having sexually abused a girl between ages 9 and 17. This is a rare case when sexual abuses by priests are not of homosexual nature. The victim, now in her 40s, reported the abuse to the Salvadorian government.

It seems that the abuses started after Romero’s death. In October 2014 Delgado was a prominent member of a delegation from El Salvador that went to the Vatican in order to thank Pope Francis for Romero’s beatification.

Another former Romero collaborator, priest Saúl David Rodríguez, who served as his diocesan chancellor when he was Bishop of Santiago de María, was subsequently prosecuted for sexual abuse of minors in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, California.

Bergoglio said in 2007: “to me [Romero] is a saint and a martyr … If I were pope, I would have already canonized him.” 
  • The invalidity of the Ordinary Process compromises the Judgment  of Bergoglio:

Bergoglio makes fun of God and of us Catholics, the process of canonization of Óscar Romero must have been suspended because his postulant bishop, expert historian and biographer is a pedophile,  this is an evidence of the heretical Judgment of Bergoglio because the canonization compromises the pontifical infallibility and in the profession of faith of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith it is requisite to believe in the canonization of the saints (dogmatic facts).

  • Non-observance with the decrees of "non cultu" of Urban VIII:

Since 2010 it was denounced that the followers of Romero 'canonized' him by giving him public worship and even calling him "San Romero", thus breaking the decrees of "non cultu" of Urban VIII. Compliance with these requirements must be confirmed in each beatification process. DIVINUS PERFECTIONIS MAGISTER, 1983, § 6. The decrees impose prohibitions of public "worship" on a person before being the cult authorized by the Holy See through a decree of canonization.

  • Bergoglio adulterated the meaning of Martyrdom to declare saint a priest associated with Marxism who was assassinated for political reasons:

LifeSiteNews Journalist Maike Hickson conducted an interview with author George Neumayr on his new book, The Political Pope 
MH: In the context of Pope Francis' possible sympathies with communism, could you tell us more about the canonizations of Archbishop Óscar Romero and Dom Hélder Câmara?
GN: Romero's canonization movement had stalled under the two previous popes. But under Francis it bolted forward, with the meaning of martyrdom stretched to include politically-motivated assassinations. That is a papal nod to Romero's status as a fashionable left-wing victim of government brutality. By way of contrast, it is hard to imagine the Vatican fiddling also with the rules for a right-wing bishop whose politics led to his death.

The Camâra canonization movement – he was called the red cardinal for his support for communist guerillas — would have been rejected out of hand by previous popes. But Pope Francis is letting it move forward.

Pedophile Jesús  Delgado, Vincenzio Paglia, Rafael Urrutia

Father of Marxist liberation theology Jon Sobrino was a close collaborator of Óscar Romero

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