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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Bergoglio is the main concealer of homosexual predatory priests. He Must Resign!


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Worse Than Nothing

A little silence would have been welcomed rather than what we got.

January 10, 2019 It is beyond clear at this point that as long as Pope Francis occupies the throne of St. Peter with his attendant homosexual cabal, absolutely nothing, not one thing, is going to change with the homosexual clerical sex abuse problem.
The reason for that is beyond obvious. Put bluntly, there is no way in Hell — phrase used on purpose — no way in Hell that a group of homosexual men in control of the Vatican and with the closest ties to the Pope are ever going to come out and condemn homosexuality and nail it as the cause of the homosexual predation scandal.
These men — and all they have worked for, for decades — are the problem. They don't even think homosexuality per se is a problem. And much less do they either want to or think that it is the underlying issue in the Church these days.
All of this has been brought home now in Pope Francis' recent letter criticizing the U.S. bishops over their handling of the mess here in the United States — talk about the pot calling the kettle black.
Pope Francis has done just about everything possible to advance the cause of sodomy except come out and change the Catechism like he did with the death penalty — a change that is not binding on the conscience of the faithful, to be clear.
Despite his various public comments about homosexual marriage being from the devil and so forth — all good comments — he promotes and protects and advances and rewards men in his own ranks who quite apparently disagree with that.
While he says same-sex-attracted men should not be allowed into seminaries and ordained, he advances them, lets them off the hook when they get caught destroying adolescent boys and attacks those who want to see such wicked men defrocked as somehow "rigid" and too focused on doctrine, blah blah.
Even his recent letter doesn't really talk about the abuse in terms of sexual abuse, he casts it as abuse of power and abuse of conscience. Only after he lays out those two does he get around to admitting there's some sexual abuse in all that as well. But you know, it's really about abuse of power and conscience.
And nowhere, absolutely not one single mention anywhere in the document does he bring up the connection between homosexual clergy and homosexual abuse.
Forget about speaking in terms of cause and effect — that would be a lightning bolt. But to not even acknowledge a relationship — any relationship at all, whatsoever — to completely ignore it, as though the two have absolutely nothing to do with each other is a supreme jettisoning of trust.
This letter is actually worse than had he said nothing. This is why Pope Francis has to resign, which of course he won't do — not over this issue anyway, or for this reason.

As you read the letter and listen to the language, it more and more begins to sound like it was written by a combination of James Martin, Thomas Rosica, Blase Cupich and Donald Wuerl — all homosexualists through and through.
These men have no love for the Church. They have each in their own way been trying to destroy the Church for many years. They are enemies of the Christ — Judases across the board. They don't accept the Church's teaching on homosexuality, as well as many other areas, and have worked their well-manicured nails to the bone to undermine divine revelation.
You can bet your bottom dollar that the cause of homosexuality, which is to say sodomy and pederasty, will continue unabated and unchecked as long as these men and many others like them are around and Pope Francis counts them among his friends and confidantes.
U.S. Justice Department and multiple states' attorneys general may not be as forgiving as Francis, but hey, what's the temporal destruction of the Church as long as ordained can still have sex with each other, right, Fr. Martin?
The point here in the United States is simple: Not a single bishop can any longer pretend the entire picture isn't blindingly clear. Each and every bishop now has a moral duty to stand up in his diocese and declare the full truth of the matter regarding this monstrous evil, to actively preach the truth, the findings, the destruction that the Faith has undergone in the past 50 years at the hands of these sodomite clerics.
It's all being unmasked, and thank God for that, but this all demands a response. The Pope himself, signing a letter more than likely written by homosexual clerics, is not going lift a finger to protect souls or bodies in this matter.
He has taken the Cupich line that it's not a gay thing — which it blindingly is — and it's more about clericalism and power and yada yada. Ask the boys who were raped by homosexual men in collars if it was all more about conscience or sex. Ask the trainloads of seminarians if it was more about power than sex.
It was and is about advancing the culture of sexual depravity among homosexual men in the priesthood and the episcopate. That they use their power to achieve it is secondary. That they have shut down their consciences to embrace their filth is secondary.
They have given themselves over to their homosexual perversion and are using their power and betraying their consciences to do so. This is what the Pope should have said, but it might have proven a little awkward for him to do so given the fact that nearly every man around him would be whom he was speaking about.
So bishops, are you ready? You better be. A great whitewash is coming in Rome next month, orchestrated by the homomob in Rome to look like something is being done while, in effect, nothing will happen. Prancing around the halls will be Cupich and Wuerl and whatever other cooperators in the great evil they enlist.
Bishops do not get to sit silent through this calamity. Open your mouths and call out what everyone already knows. Shore up the flagging spirits of the few faithful Catholics you have left. Stand up in defense of the truth — remember Him: Truth? — and face down the demonic right in your own midst.
Do not give in to the temptation to remain silent so you can do some good in your diocese. That's fool's gold and an easy rationalization. If not now, when? And if not you, who? What further disaster are you keeping your powder dry for?
And by the way, good fathers in your parishes, the same applies to you. You will suffer, but you will win Heaven owing to your love for souls.
Say the truth, or face it when you die.

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