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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Bergoglio's Spokesman justifies his betrayal of supporting the illegitimate presidential takeover of Maduro in wanting to preserve his "good diplomatic relations" with the dictator

"The Antichrist presents himself as pacifist, ecologist and ecumenist."

Clarín After the Church of Venezuela shattered Nicolás Maduro by calling him "illegitimate and immoral" on the eve of his inauguration, the Vatican sent a representative to the Venezuelan president's oath on Thursday, in a clear sign of support for the Chavista leader, leaving them surprised. to more than one. This Monday, the Holy See came out to give explanations. And justified the presence of the envoy saying that the institution "aims to promote the common good, protect peace and ensure respect for human dignity."

George Koovakod

National Post Freeland blasts 'illegitimate' Venezuelan president, calls on Maduro to 'immediately cede power' 


'Having seized power through fraudulent and anti-democratic elections ... the Maduro regime is now fully entrenched as a dictatorship,' Freeland said

“We call on (Maduro) to immediately cede power to the democratically elected National Assembly until new elections are held, which must include the participation of all political actors and follow the release of all political prisoners in Venezuela,” said Freeland.

The Vatican justified the presence of an envoy at the inauguration of Maduro

January 14, 2019 09:01
Updated January 14, 2019 at 10:18
The Vatican today justified the presence of an envoy in the inauguration of Nicolás Maduro's second term in what would be his second term in Venezuela because "the Holy See aims to promote the common good, protect peace and guarantee respect for the human dignity ".

The Vatican spokesman, Alessandro Gisotti, explained in a note that "the Holy See maintains diplomatic relations with the Venezuelan state, whose diplomatic activity is aimed at promoting the common good, protecting peace and guaranteeing respect for human dignity" .
Therefore, adds the statement, "the Holy See has decided to be represented at the inauguration ceremony of the Presidency, by the head of the interim affairs of the Apostolic Nunciature of Caracas (George Koovakod)."
He added that the Vatican and the Bishops of the country "continue to work together to help the Venezuelan people, who are suffering the humanitarian and social implications of the grave situation in which the nation finds itself".
Maduro took possession last Thursday for a second term in Venezuela among international critics, led by the United States and several Latin American countries, on the legitimacy of his new mandate.
Only four presidents of the 19 countries of Latin America took part in the oath: that of Bolivia, Evo Morales; that of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel; that of El Salvador, Salvador Sánchez Cerén; and that of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega.


Bergoglio justified his collaboration with the communist and mass murder dictator Nicolás Maduro as maintaining good diplomatic relations with the tyrant.  However, the leftist Bergoglio does not care to maintain good relations with Salvini or with Donald Trump. It is evident that Bergoglio's "common good" is his own, which astutely works to favor communism. Pacifism is one of the playing cards used by Marxists to install communism and destroy the opposition. One of the characteristics of the False Prophet is that it promotes a false peace.
Alessandro Gisotti

On the other hand, we see another example of how the new spokesman of Bergoglio is willing to lie to show a good image of his boss even though reality and evidence show otherwise.

Zanchetta case: the clergy of Oran denies the Vatican

Vatican spokesman Alessandro Gisotti claimed on December 4 that the charges against Zanchetta emerged only in recent months thus implying that Francis did not know about them earlier.
For Allen, Francis' behaviour threatens to become a rare double “own goal” for Francis that will create self-inflicted wounds to Francis' credibility in moral and financial matters.

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