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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Message to Seminarians and Young Men: Go out and save the Church

In his encyclical Sapientiae Christianae, Pope Leo XIII declared that “Catholics are born for combat.”

This Vortex is especially aimed directly at every seminarian out there who hears it, as well as any young man in the Church. If you are either in seminary, or discerning whether or not you should be, be careful.
There is a great danger for your own soul, as well as the souls of any of the faithful you may end up serving. And here's the danger: the modernist heresy is being taught up and down the Church.
Now this varies greatly depending on which seminary you are in or what religious community you may be discerning for, but nonetheless, there is a great danger that you yourself can become infected. None of you are old enough to have a living memory of when the Church went careening off the tracks.
You have grown up in the Church of Nice, and you don't really know anything else. Obviously, there are some out there listening to this who managed to zig and zag through the diabolical confusion, but for the most part, you didn't escape.
Many of your instructors, priests and laity are infected by this heresy, the heresy that Pope St. Pius X called the synthesis of all heresies. That heresy first infected theologians and scripture so-called scholars in the mid-to-late 19th century.
Within a few decades, it had begun to spread to various religious orders and Catholic universities, which is why the Pope himself had to write an encyclical warning of it all the way back in 1907.
Now, more than a century later, it is the dominant "theology" in the Church, and many of your bishops are modernists themselves or supportive of it or completely unaware that they too have been infected. See that you do not get infected yourselves. And this is not to say leave the seminary and abandon your discernment.
But it is to say be aware — be aware and be careful.
And also know that you are not the first crop of brave young men who came face to face with apostasy or heresy and dedicated their lives — literally their lives — to fighting against it.
When the cowardly bishops of England went along with adulterous King Henry VIII's assumption of power in the Church — and the resultant evil reign of his wicked daughter Queen Elizabeth — young brave dedicated Catholic men eventually fled England and established a seminary in France.
The purpose was to train and coach up these young fighters and make them warriors for the Church and then return to England undercover, sneak back in and keep and the home fires of the faith burning. 
Many of them were captured by priest hunters and martyred — the most famous perhaps being St. Edmund Campion. You are in a similar scenario now, you young seminarians. Your bishops, many, but not all, have betrayed the Faith — largely through omission.
The results of their betrayal are everywhere. For example, it's why you have so few classmates. It's why many of your families and most of your friends don't care about the Church, and some probably think you're nuts for doing what you're doing.
The problem you face, unlike the English lads, is the danger of your training. Theirs was Catholic, through and through. Yours, as a result of the modernist heresy, is more than likely questionable.
In your studies of sacramental theology or dogmatic theology or moral theology, there are potential pitfalls everywhere. Who is teaching the class? What books are being used? Who is brought in to lead retreats or conference days?
Most of the time, it's not that you are getting out-and-out heresy taught to you — although that certainly is not off the table — but most of the time, it's just that you are not getting the fullness, the whole truth.
You are being fed watered-down, feel-good, never-give-offense theology. And guys, that's not Catholic. And it doesn't matter if your bishop has approved it. Most of the bishops are modernists — or cowards — and they have appointed like-minded men to teach you.
For example, when you have Mass, first, do you have it every day? Are you allowed, even — God forbid, encouraged — to receive Holy Communion on your knees and on the tongue? Some seminarians we are in touch with tell us they are actively discouraged from kneeling.

Be careful right there. That's a big warning sign. Problems in catechesis and training are always found expressed in liturgy. Does any priest in the seminary offer Mass ad orientem, ever? If not, watch out, especially if the ancient practice, with its splendid theology, is ridiculed?
You are being trained by men who are poisoned by modernism to carry on their work and errant understanding long after they have been judged by the Son of God.
Now, I know this puts many of you in a difficult position. I know many discerning a priestly vocation likewise are deeply challenged by all this once you discover it. Life is tough, and hard choices for which sometimes the best remedy does not always seem obvious abound. This is one of them. Many priests have the same dilemma, as did Abp. Viganò when he offered his testimony.
A hard choice for you, for example, might be when Fr. Thomas Rosica is paraded in front of you by the rector or Fr. James Martin or a host of other traitorous Catholic clergy like Los Angeles Abp. Jose Gomez allows to hold forth when such men are presented to you as worthy of listening to, which they most definitely are not — what do you do?
Sit quiet, let them prattle on and then leave afterward and forget it? Do you stand up in the talk and challenge the error and really nail these heretics down with specificity? Of course, you'll be packing your bags a few minutes later.
Do you engage with your fellow seminarians in the refectory and point out the errors?
What do you do? See, no immediately easy answer. But know this, if you aren't already, you are going to be red-pilled when you get ordained and these same choices, with much greater consequences, are not going away.
In fact, and I don't mean this to be rude, but many of you have been selected, as opposed to rejected like some other guys, because you are viewed by the rector and staff as weak men, easy to manipulate.
Those of you who speak or act in such a way that defies the heresy will be labeled as "rigid." Odds are against you getting passed on to ordination — maybe, but probably not.
See, the last thing the system wants is men who declare that the emperor has no clothes. Your bishop — again many, not all — wants a bunch of sissified yes men who never challenge them on anything.
They want you to get ordained and then become complicit in bilking the faithful for hundreds of millions of dollars and keeping aging middle-aged women running the parish and religious education friendly focused and not hard-truth centered.
Now often times, when you were sitting in the interview, the type of man you are was not necessarily apparent to the board. So if you are in seminary right now, they at least suspect you can be "formed" into a yes man, someone who doesn't really think for himself or is, at the very least, too cowardly to do anything about it.
In short, they want wimps, because no real man would tolerate the garbage that spews from so many parishes and formation houses and seminaries and chanceries these days. Why are so many women running the show? Because real men are turned off by all this.
Real Catholic men want to make war for the faith, internally and externally. They want to sign up and fight. But the feminized men who are bishops and religious superiors today are terrified of that prospect for the simple reason it will show, by comparison, just how miserable they themselves are.
The Church is at a critical point right now. She needs masculine men, Her brave sons to step up and defend Her to their dying breath. This means that your priesthood, if lived out authentically, is going to be a crucifixion. But if you are not going to live it out authentically, then do not risk the damnation of your soul. Get out now.
If you are gay, or think you are, get out now. If you have no care for tradition, get out now. If you do not have an intense prayer life, get out now. If you are a "go along" type personality, get out now. If you stay and allow yourself to be used, you risk the fires of Hell because you will be responsible for any souls you cause to lose their own salvation by your lack of authentic masculinity.
But if you are committed to the fight, if what consumes you is love for souls and the truth of Holy Mother Church, then determine to pay the price. Assess your current situation, either in seminary or discerning, and walk into this raging battle eyes wide open.
Your loyalty and obedience is to Christ the King — as it is for every single one of us — and if you are ordained, you stand in His place at that altar, and you will work either your own salvation or damnation.
Given the current situation, the only path to Heaven for any member of the ordained is martyrdom. Red or white, you will be a martyr, yet God will provide.
Now, go out and save the Church.

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