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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Bergoglio will go to Morocco to promote himself since the Penal Code prohibits proselytizing and punishes it with jail

The Article 220 of the Moroccan Criminal Code establishes prison sentences  between 6 months and 3 years and fines of 100 to 500 dirhams for "anyone who uses methods of seduction in order to weaken the belief of a Muslim or convert them to another religion" .

John 5: 43 I have come in my Father’s name, and you do not receive me; if another comes in his own name, him you will receive. 


Bergoglio goes to Morocco in his own name NOT as a vicar of Christ.  Imagine the message of 'hope' that he is going to tell the few clandestine Christians: that if anyone for defending Christ is arrested he will also turn his back  on them as he did with Asia Bibi.  

But he will not tell anyone that the dialogue with the Muslims is only in his favor since this dialogue is not to prevent that if a Muslim converts to Christianity his faithful Muslim friends support beheading the new converting Christians.


Bergoglio will go to continue promoting the heresy of religious indifferentism and confirm the Muslims in their idolatry in the false god Allah, and to find ´hope´ in the Koran,  will confirm them in their denial of Christ, so that they do not repent and die stubbornly refusing the redemption and the only path of salvation, so that they die without being baptized refusing to believe in the only True God. Bergoglio only will go to promote Soros' agenda while being treated idolatrously as the 'Islamic messiah' which is the Antichrist figure expected by Muslims.
Chris Ferrara

Behold the logo for the Pope’s upcoming useless trip to Morocco: the crescent moon symbolizing the religion invented by Muhammad almost completely encircles a distorted Cross. Given this Pope’s obsessive promotion of the mass migration of Muslim males into Western European capitals, including Rome itself, the image suggests that the body of Christian faithful the Cross is supposed to represent now have almost no avenue of escape from what Pope Pius XI, in saner times, called “the darkness of Islam” in a prayer traditional Roman Catholics still recite today on the traditional Feast of Christ the King.  As that prayer, the Act of Consecration of the Human Race to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, declares: “Be Thou King of all those who are still involved in the darkness of idolatry or of Islamism, and refuse not to draw them into the light and kingdom of God.”
This absurd and offensive logo has deeper layers of malign significance.  As the dutifully Vatican party line organ Zenit explains, the “cross and a crescent… represent the interreligious dialogue between Christians and Muslims.” But what is depicted is not a dia-logue, from the Greek dialogesthai, meaning a conversation between two or more parties, dia — “across” or “between” — but a distance that separates them, a distance no dialogue between the religion founded by God and that founded by Muhammad will ever eliminate. What we see, rather, is one “dialogue” party, Islam, visually engulfing the other: i.e., Catholicism, represented by a distorted Cross that in turn represents a distorted Church in the throes of the worst crisis in her history.
But there is more. To quote Zenit, the logo features “[t]he colors of the 2 countries: green and red for Morocco, yellow and white (the background) for the Vatican.” Notice that the green for Morocco is depicted in the horizontal beam of the Cross, whereas the red for Morocco is seen in the crescent that almost complexly surrounds and engulfs the Cross.
Fully 99% of Moroccans are Muslims, whereas the miniscule number of Christians in the country are almost all foreigners. Moreover, in Morocco “it is a criminal offence to possess a Christian Bible written in the Arabic language, part of a wider law prohibiting proselytisation of Muslims to any other belief,” while the Moroccan constitution establishes Islam as the sole religion of the Moroccan state.  There is no “dialogue” between Christianity and Islam in Morocco, but only a monologue favoring Islam with the force of law. If the placement of the colors in the logo signifies anything, then, it is the engulfment of Christianity by Islam, even to the extent of becoming an element of a distorted Cross representing the subjection of Christ by Muhammad.
Finally, to quote Zenit again, the logo declares that Pope Francis is the “Servant of Hope” — (...)

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