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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Your Pope hates you. He would prefer you were an atheist.

“Stay out of the church, please!”

Meet Pope Creepy Commie Schizo

Monsignor Bux (whom we know as a friend of the SSPX and reasonable guy all around) has leveled his cannon at the Evil Clown after his latest stunt, when he said or implied (the man is always so confused) that he prefers an atheist to a faithful who “hates” (whatever that means: we all need to hate evil and condemn its manifestations).
This is, in fact, another show of blatant, shameless contradiction in an already extremely contradictory Pope:  merciful to those who officially offend God as unrepentant sinners and official enemies of His, but inviting to get out of the Church those who actually love him (though they might do something wrong, too).
Francis’ ideal Church is made of atheists who only care about social justice and hate the Church. The “field hospital” applies to them alone. Catholics need not apply.

Monsignor Bux calls this thinking “schizofrenic”, which is fitting. More to the point, this is the thinking of a creepy Commie who needs to let you know every day how much he really, really, really hates you.

Bux goes on to say that “certain statements, if they fall on weak or unaware groups, are dangerous and have deleterious effects. We risk emptying the churches even more”. Oh yes, we agree. But you see, this is exactly what Francis wants. He wants all the Catholics to stay out of the church, and all the faithless and unrepentant public adulterers to come in and receive communion. He has said as much in very plain words. 

At this point, I am not even so angry anymore. I rather welcome every time this satanic cretin shoots himself in the foot. Every single time, someone decides to finally open his big, blue eyes and see reality for what it is:
Your Pope hates you.
He would prefer you were an atheist.

Saint Hildegard: "The Man of Sin will be totally full of sins, will be recognized as the cruelest Son of Perdition, since he will be immoral in everything and will teach men things contrary to God... He will open his mouth to preach contradiction".

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