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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Bergoglio tells heretical German Bishops to Vote for Doctrine Rather Than Seek Answers from the Magisterium

The Tenth Crusade

After a clear division over giving Communion to the Protestant spouses of Catholics in mixed marriages led to a rare summit between German prelates and Vatican officials on Thursday, the Germans were told that Pope Francis appreciates their “ecumenical commitment” and would like them to find a “possibly unanimous” solution.

The outcome seems to make clear that Francis is not inclined to settle the dispute himself, preferring that the German bishops work it out among themselves.

So, here we have a situation where Church teaching is clear, but a group of heretical bishops formally asks the Pope for permission to openly violate Church teaching. 

They’ve asked, “should we give the Blessed Sacrament to non-Catholics who reject the Magisterium?”

In practice, the Holy Father tells them the authority of the Chair of Peter and the CDF no longer exists and therefore they have no resources put answers they already know in writing - but they can do something schismatic if they take a unanimous vote.

The Head of Christ's Church is the means through which the Holy Spirit unites us to the Truth. When a pope (bishop or priest) severs us from unity in the Truth, it's an act of decapitation to the Body of Christ.

The Holy Father's synod with another act of decapitation. These same bishops took their swords and decapitated the Magisterium. In turn, diocese, parishes, families were severed and scattered.

Cardinal Burke has been attempting to return Christ's Mystical Body to its intact state.

As we are trying to patch the pieces, they've delivered another blow with the sword. 

It'ss bad as it gets. 

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