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Friday, August 9, 2019

Bergoglio once again gave his support to the young climate change scam activist Greta Thunberg, who also promotes gay pride in Copenhagen

Bergoglio grants extensive interview -- God left unmentioned

Francis: “I don’t separate Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants”

Pope Francis is happy that the former German war minister, Ursula von der Leyen, a pro-gay ideologist, is the new President of the European Commission, the EU’s main executive body.

"Women unite," Pope Francis told the Italian daily La Stampa (August 9). For him the main challenge for the EU is "dialogue," although he himself kills any form of dialogue in his own Church.

Those who are critical of mass-immigration resemble according to Francis to "Hitler in 1934."

Francis uses the pro-life expression "right to life" to propagate mass-immigration claiming [falsely] that illegal mass-immigrants into Europe escape "war" or "hunger." He comes up with the bizarre proposal to move "migrant communities" into "semi-empty towns" in Europe which then would "revive the economy of the area."

Francis claims that the EU should be relaunched on [nebulous] "human values." Only then he mentions nebulous "Christian values," adding quickly, "When I say this, I don't separate Catholics, Orthodox, and Protestants."

He believes that the Amazon Synod will be "guided by the Holy Spirit," as if this were a supernatural event. Abolishing celibacy is "simply one topic of the Instrumentum Laboris," he explains.

For this world, Francis fears most the "disappearance of biodiversity", "new lethal diseases" and a "devastation of nature."

A big part of the interview is about the European Union, melting glaciers, Siberian wildfires, the Overshoot Day, oxygen, biodiversity, fertilizer, open-cast mines, Greta Thunberg. None of this is the business of the See of Peter

Apostate Berlin Archbishop Compares Greta Thunberg To Jesus Christ

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