"It is a grave offense not to work for the extermination of heresy when this monstrous infection requires action"
(Council of Vienne)


Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Hierarchy apostate in Peru want to canonize the Marxist priest Luigi Bolla, who refused to preach to the Indians the true faith. Closing to them the only door of salvation.

They propose him as an example of ´inculturation of the Gospel´ because  this apostate refused to teach the Indians to be civilized.

«On August 1, 2019, he was officially presented by the Provincial Vicar of the Province of “Santa Rosa de Lima” Fr. Humberto Chávez, and by Fr. Vicente Santilli, to the Archbishop of Lima (Peru), Mons. Carlos Gustavo Castillo Mattasoglio, the "Supplex libellus", the official petition with which the Salesian Congregation, in the person of the General Postulator, Fr. Pierluigi Cameroni, requests the opening of the diocesan investigation on the virtues, the fame of holiness and the signs of Fr. Luis Bolla, Salesian Priest of the Society of St Francis de Sales. An original testimony of consecrated life, evangelization and inculturation of the Gospel and the Salesian charism in sixty years, fully sharing the lives of the Shuar and Achuar indigenous peoples of Ecuador and Peru».

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