Friday, February 19, 2016

Francis ignores a disabled boy meanwhile rebuking a young mexican and fell down by the hug of the disable child.

Bergoglio was not pulled down by the young Mexican Catholic as Aciprensa falsely claims.  Bergoglio loses his balance by the hug of a disabled boy he ignores and reaches over when he started his rage against the young mexican, before he fell Bergoglio and the body guard began rebuking the boy for wanting to keep the Rosary handed to him.  

During this entire time Bergoglio was ignoring the disabled boy while greeting those who were behind the boy.  It was during this time that the disabled boy hugged him while Bergoglio was reaching out to other young people.  

After that happened the bodyguard helped Bergoglio to stand again. Bergoglio continuously rebukes the young Mexican because the boy wanted to save the rosary for himself. You can see in the video the head of the boy approaching Bergoglio before he loses his balance.  It is obvious that the fall was because Bergoglio was ignoring the handicapped boy reaching over the top of him giving the boy the chance to hug him causing him to lose his balance.

 Minute  1:44:00



Pope Benedict XVI meets and forgives assailant Susanna Maiolo, a young woman. The Pope Benedict XVI was uninjured, but a prominent French cardinal (Roger Etchegaray, 87 years old) who was near the Pope also fell, and was hospitalized with a broken hip.

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