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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Bergoglio taught his Godson how to swear!

Bergoglio failed to fulfill his role as godfather

María  Elena Bergoglio: "He loved teaching him bad words" 

In an interview back in 2013 María Elena Bergoglio , the only surviving sister of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, told ABC.es the following story: 

Elena Bergoglio told, "when he was already wearing a cassock", Bergoglio taught his nephew, who is also called Jorge and is his godson, to say swear words, with much displeasure of his mother.  This led to an embarrassing situation when his brother began to preach "in an important Mass" with many priests;  His son, watching with surprise at his uncle in the pulpit, astonished shouted a "very bad word" that everyone could hear.  "After the Mass, Jorge approached us and could not stop laughing."  Maria Elena also remembers that her brother dipped the baby's pacifier in whiskey. 

"Kindheitserinnerungen von Papst Franziskus" ["Childhood Memories of  Pope   Francis " Mar. 19, 2013] 

 The  newspaper El Mundo 03/03/2013 reported that María Elena Bergoglio also revealed in an interview granted to the Italian magazine 'Chi' since he was a little he enjoyed swearing. 

 "I remember there was a parrot in the seminary, and I do not exclude that he (Jorge Bergoglio) taught it some profanity, instead of teaching it to pray."

1 Timothy 5:8 But if any man have not care of his own, and especially of those of his house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.

Bergoglio was unfaithful in the fulfillment of his obligations as godfather to his own nephew. That is why he does not care whether a homosexual or an adulterer is a "godfather" in the profanations of the sacrament of Baptism.

The Catechism of Saint Pius X judges Francis’ idea on divorcees as Godparents

  • Catholics of good life, and obedient to the laws of the Church should be chosen as godfathers and godmothers

Who are the godfathers and godmothers in Baptism?

The godfathers and godmothers in Baptism are those persons who, in accordance with the decree of the Church, hold the infants at the font, answer for them, and become guarantees in the sight of God for their Christian education, especially in the absence of the parents.
What sort of persons should be chosen as godfathers and godmothers?
There should be chosen as godfathers and godmothers Catholics of good life, and obedient to the laws of the Church.

What are the obligations of godfathers and godmothers?

Godfathers and godmothers are bound to see that their spiritual children are instructed in the truths of faith, and live as good Christians and they should edify them by their good example. (Catechism of Saint Pius X, Baptism, nos. 22.24-25)

Amongst laymen frivolous language is only frivolity: but it is blasphemy when it comes from the mouth of a priest. […] Thy lips have been consecrated to the Gospel of Christ. Therefore it is unlawful for thee now to use them for jesting, and a sacrilege to have them thus habitually employed. ‘The lips of the priest,’ says the Prophet, ‘shall keep knowledge, and they shall seek the law at his mouth’ (Mal 2:7). Observe that it is not jests or fables but the law of God that is to be sought from the mouth of a priest. With regard to scurrility, it is not enough to banish that from thy mouth: it must also be banished from thine ear. To allow thyself to laugh at such jokes would be a scandal; but it would be a greater scandal to repeat them for the amusement of others. (Saint Bernard. Treatise on Consideration to Pope Eugene III, Ch. XIII, 68-69)

John Vennari: “Though this might shock some readers, I must say that I would never allow Pope Francis to teach religion to my children”.

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