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Friday, September 29, 2017

Fatima Priest: “Jorge Bergoglio is incorrigible.”

Jorge Mario Bergoglio and Anastasio Gil
Father Paul Kramer wrote on Facebook:

Jorge Bergoglio is incorrigible.  What is necessary is not filial correction but inquisitional removal. To be corrected, one must be able to correct himself as a material heretic who innocently or to some extent guiltily professes false dogmas out of ignorance. A stubborn heretic due to the wickedness of pertinacity is incorrigible. Jorge Bergoglio is a heretic in the proper sense of the term: he not only professes errors against the faith, but clearly, manifestly and consciously REJECTS Catholic dogma. He is manifestly incorrigible, as was Arius. Almost all the bishops of the Latin Church did not recognize that Arius was a heretic; as almost all bishops today do not recognize that Bergoglio is a heretic.

Father Paul Kramer :

Bergoglio stated explicitly in no. 247 of Evangelii Gaudium the heresy that God's covenant with the Jews was never revoked. He already professed that heresy before changing his name to Francis:
On Heaven and Earth, pg 188:
"The Church officially recognizes that the People of Israel continue to be the Chosen People. Nowhere does it say: ‘You lost the game, now it is our turn.’ It is a recognition of the People of Israel."

''Bergoglio does not believe in God in the proper sense of professing the dogmatically defined nature and attributes of God. No wonder that he says he doesn"t believe in a Catholic God. He really does not even believe in the God we profess in the Catholic creeds.
"On Heaven and Earth", Chapter 3 - "On Atheists" :
"We can say what God is not ... but we cannot say what He is. I would classify as arrogant those theologies that ... had the pretense of saying who He was"

Fr. Gruner in October 2014: A Man Must be Catholic in Order to be Pope; Benedict did not validly Resign His Office.

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  1. O pai Paul Kramer escreveu em português @ Facebook:
    Jorge Bergoglio é incorrigível: o que é necessário não é a correção filial, mas a remoção inquisicional. Para ser corrigido, um deve ser capaz de correção; como um herege material que inocentemente, ou até certo ponto culpado, professa falsos dogmas por ignorância. Um herege obstinado, devido à maldade da pertinácia, é incorrigível. Jorge Bergoglio é um herege manifesto no sentido próprio do termo: ele não apenas professa materialmente erros contra a fé, mas claramente, manifestamente e conscientemente REJEITA o dogma católico. Ele é manifestamente incorrigível, como era Arius. Quase todos os bispos da Igreja latina não reconheceram que Arius era um herege; Como quase todos os bispos hoje não reconhecem que Bergoglio é um herege.


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