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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Apostate Germany’s bishops in full communion with Bergoglio approve sacrilegious Communion for Protestant spouses

 INGOLSTADT, Germany, February 22, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Germany’s bishops have decided to allow the Protestant spouses of Catholics to receive Holy Communion in individual cases, the bishops’ news service is reporting.
Munich’s Cardinal Reinhard Marx, president of the German Bishops Conference, announced the decision today during a press conference at the end of the conference’s four-day Spring Assembly in Ingolstadt.
According to the conference’s news service, Katholisch.de, the great majority of the German bishops approved of an “orientation guide” with regard to mixed marriages and Holy Communion.

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Heretic German Bishops Introduce Communion For Protestants

en.newsThe bishops of the [formerly] Catholic Church in Germany sink deeper and deeper into the mud of heresy and disbelief.

During their meeting in Ingolstadt which ended today, they voted by a large majority in favour of giving [sacrilegious] Holy Communion to Protestants, who are married to a Catholic spouse. For the Church, this decision is utterly void and null because the bishops have no right to take it.

According to katholisch.de (February 22) the bishops defined "conditions" for receiving sacrilegious Communion, for instance, "talking to a priest" and "deciding in ones conscience" that one affirms the Catholic faith. But who affirms the Faith must in conscience convert to the Church.

Further: How can a Protestant receive Communion, if he did not go to confession beforehand as required by the Church?

Notorious Munich Cardinal Marx called the bishops' act of apostasy “a positive progress” announcing that the new policy will be introduced using the "case by case" trick. He further stated the heresy that a Protestant need not to convert to Catholicism in order to receive Holy Communion.

The decision is an attempt to "legalise" the fact that in Germany Non-Catholics are generally invited to receive Communion. This abuse is mitigated by the fact that the liturgy in Germany has degenerated so badly that often the Eucharist is not celebrated validly which means that only a piece of bread is distributed to the faithful which, obviously, can also be consumed by Protestants.

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