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Sunday, September 2, 2018

Francis’ Personal Secretary Accused Of Homosexuality and Pedophilia

en.newsThe Argentinian married Deacon Jorge Sonnante published on Twitter (August 20) a 4-page confidential document he allegedly wrote in 2013 on behalf of the Secretary of State. The document regards Father Fabián Pedacchio Leániz.

Sonnante writes as an "advisor" of Pope Francis on stationary of the Secretary of State expressing his opinion whether Pedacchio should be working as the Private Secretary of Pope Francis.

Pedacchio was sent in 2007 to the Roman Curia by Cardinal Bergoglio. The Spanish portal Intereconomia.com called him in 2011 "a spy of Cardinal Bergoglio in Rome".

Sonnante’s evaluation claims that Pedacchio’s computer was confiscated in 2013 by the police after a court ordered investigation on child pornography.

The document further claims that Pedacchio was registered on the gay dating websites Adanel.com, Badoo.com and ManHunt.net.

Picture: Jorge Sonnante, #newsAofzgzltnl


December 20, 2013
After personally selecting the new secretary of the congregation in the person of the Brazilian Ilson de Jesus Montanari, his old acquaintance as a neighbor at the Roman residence on Via della Scrofa, and after ordering his personal secretary Fr. Fabián Pedacchio Leániz to continue spending his mornings working in that dicastery, where he has been an official for a few years, the pope confirmed last Monday as prefect the Canadian cardinal Marc Ouellet.

Francis covered up McCarrick abuse, former US nuncio testifies 

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò: 
In addition, he appointed the Brazilian Ilson de Jesus Montanari — the great friend of his private Argentine secretary Fabian Pedacchio — as Secretary of the same Congregation for Bishops and Secretary of the College of Cardinals, promoting him in one single leap from a simple official of that department to Archbishop Secretary. Something unprecedented for such an important position!

Describing the formation of homosexual cliques of clergy Fr. Oko says:

They know well, however, that they may be exposed and embarrassed, so they shield one another by offering mutual support. They build informal relationships reminding of a clique or even mafia, aim at holding particularly those positions which offer power and money.
When they achieve a decision-making position, they try to promote and advance mostly those whose nature is similar to theirs, or at least who are known to be too weak to oppose them. 

Fr. Oko said, "Just like in the military, in the police, in the art world, once a person with homosexual tendencies gets into power, usually their subordinates are also homosexuals, therefore they start creating a pyramid, and the same thing is happening in the Church with these bishops who knowingly nominate people with the same tendencies." 

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