"It is a grave offense not to work for the extermination of heresy when this monstrous infection requires action"
(Council of Vienne)


Friday, December 14, 2018

Saint John of the Cross, Doctor of the Church, judges Francis’ apostasy that Catholics and Muslims worship the same God



judges Francis’ idea that catholics and muslims adore the same God

  • In giving us His Son, God spoke to us all together, once and for all – to seek other revelations is an offence to God

For, in giving us, as He did, His Son, which is His Word – and He has no other – He spake to us all together, once and for all, in this single Word, and He has no occasion to speak further. […] That which God spake of old in the prophets to our fathers, in sundry ways and divers manners, He has now, at last, in these days, spoken to us once and for all in the Son. Herein the Apostle declares that God has become, as it were, dumb, and has no more to say, since that which He spake aforetime, in part to the prophets, He has now spoken altogether in Him, giving us the All, which is His Son. Wherefore he that would now enquire of God, or seek any vision or revelation, would not only be acting foolishly, but would be committing an offence against God, by setting his eyes altogether upon Christ, and seeking no new thing or aught beside. (Saint John of the Cross. Ascent of Carmel, Book 2, Ch. 22, no. 4-5)

Saint John of the Cross judges Francis’ idea on the role of non-christian religions

Saint John of the Cross' shrine and reliquary, Convent of Carmelite Friars, Segovia

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