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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Thomas J. Rosica and Salt + Light are not Catholics

St. Joseph Communications in Toronto as mentioned in The Vortex is not affiliated in any way with St. Joseph Communications based in the United States, which features talks and materials 
from noted faithful Catholic theologians such as Scott Hahn.

Radical LGBT nun on S+L with Apostate Rosica 

Digging through all the filth and corruption present in the Church these days is quite a dirty business. But the most important thing to understand is this: It has reached the kind of level and widespread depth that it has because of one thing — connections.
Some people call it relationships, others call it a network, but whatever you call it, it's all connected because of the level of individual people's investment in the continuation of the malevolence. Take, for example, the serial lying and thieving priest Thomas Rosica, the face of Salt + Light TV in Canada, who uses his platform to advance himself and his agenda.

Last week, in the growing fallout of revelations that Rosica plagiarized all sorts of material for nearly 30 years, we said if you want to know the condition of the Church, just watch how this case unfolds. Well, it hasn't taken long to unfold, and how it unfolded has been pretty predictable because of the corruption in the Church.
The various academic arenas Rosica was in got him to resign because plagiarism is a big deal in the world of universities. But all the other places that Rosica has his tentacles, they have circled the wagons around him.
The Knights of Columbus have come out and publicly stated they will continue funding him at Salt + Light. The Canadian bishops' conference has merely issued a statement saying they are checking things out.
But most telling, because of the trail and public knowledge available, is that the board of directors have come out with a glowing, lavish public endorsement of Rosica, saying in part, "We unanimously pledge our support of the continued leadership of Fr. Rosica as Chief Executive Officer of Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation."

That's telling because in the earlier part of the statement they attributed Rosica's plagiarism to "unintended errors" and they labeled the whole thing an "unfortunate situation."
Well, those are lies, which seems appropriate to cover for a liar. First, this has not been a situation. It is the culmination of almost 30 years of repeated cases or "situations" of plagiarism.
Secondly, no one repeatedly, over almost 30 years, "unintentionally" keeps plagiarizing. How stupid does the board of Salt + Light think people are? Yet still, the board unanimously pledged its undying support to the continued leadership of the thieving, lying priest.
That kind of statement then opens up the whole board of directors themselves to scrutiny which Church Militant has done. Here is what we have found.
The major sponsors of Salt + Light, expressing their undying eternal love for the crooked cleric, is the Gagliano family of Toronto. Tony Gagliano is the chairman of the board of Salt + Light. But the Gagliano family is also the same family that runs the Canadian-based publishing company St. Joseph Communications, based in Toronto but spread all over Canada.
Tony Gagliano 

For a number of years, faithful Catholics in Canada have been concerned about the influence of the Gagliano family in Catholic circles, including the main donors to Salt + Light. They are concerned because of the nature of some of the magazines that St. Joseph Communication publishes.
While they do have a hand in Catholic publications, they also publish around eight strictly secular magazines. Those secular magazines push sodomy, homosexual marriage, the trans agenda, even abortion.
Included in the pages of various issues are a variety of articles favorable to euthanasia and transgender surgery. One of the St. Joseph Communication magazines, Wedding Bells, has had full spreads on no fewer than nine homosexual weddings, each article lavishing praise on the ceremonies and receptions.

One of the articles was even entitled "A Big Fab Gay Wedding in Toronto," speaking in glowing terms of a ceremony where 14 homosexual couples tied the knot in the city's botanical gardens. There is no way in Hades that anyone reading these articles or any of these magazines could possibly conclude the publishers are a family of faithful Catholics.

Yet here they are, running St. Joseph Communications, pumping hundreds of thousands of dollars a year into Rosica's pro-gay, dissent-promoting Salt + Light. It stretches credibility to assume that the other members of Salt + Light's board are completely unaware of the Gaglianos' publishing enterprise. They all sit on the same board.
While running the show at Salt + Light, Rosica has routinely featured heretics and dissenters and questionable clerics of all ranks. He has promoted homosexuality and contraception, directly or indirectly, by inviting on these guests and never challenging their positions.
He has interviewed Donald Wuerl a number of times, the disgraced cardinal who himself got caught lying about what he knew about McCarrick. See, it's all about the relationships, or the connections.
And Rosica could not continue his work without the backing of influential "Catholics," some of whom publish magazines with decidedly anti-Catholic agendas. The Knights of Columbus in Canada likewise are all down with Rosica and his heresy, coming out publicly, as we said earlier, backing him.
Remember, Rosica is a proven serial liar and thief. He promotes heresy. He lies routinely to the international press from his influential position at the Vatican.
Yet, given all this, he is still supported by those who are of like mind. Salt + Light is not Catholic. Rosica is a fraud, a serial plagiarist. He is supported by like-minded people at various organizations that are simply accepted as Catholic but really aren't.
They are all living off the fumes of previous generations of Catholics who established their outfits for greater service and glory of Holy Mother Church for the salvation of souls. Roscia, Salt + Light, the board, the Knights of Columbus and so forth have long since abandoned that singular mission.
One expression is it's all about connections. But another also seems apropos: Birds of a feather flock together. This is a concrete case of how the corruption in the Church continues, is protected and promoted.

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