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Thursday, October 22, 2020

This week, the Italian parliament passes a law making it a “hate crime” to criticise the homosex political agenda


en.news This week, the Italian parliament passes a law making it a “hate crime” to criticise the homosex political agenda.

Alessandro Zan, a post-Communist parliamentary and homosex activist after which the repression law is named, wrote on Twitter.com that Francis endorsement of homosex unions recognises the "rights" of militant homosexuals to "family life" and helps fight "hatred and discrimination.” The expression "hatred and discrimination" is a neo-communist codeword for criticism.

According to Tan's inflammatory rhetorics, it is the task of the [neo-communist] legislator to combat these "violent phenomena." Now, he wants also a repression law against, what he calls "homotransphobia.”

The Italian opposition leader Matteo Salvini already backed down, “I respect the words of the Holy Father."

The timing of Francis' gay scandal is also useful for him because it helps distracting from his financial chaos and from his betraying of the Chinese Catholics.

Prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success About Our Times

“The sacrament of Matrimony, which symbolizes the union of Christ with the Church, will be thoroughly attacked and profaned. Masonry, then reigning, will implement iniquitous laws aimed at extinguishing this sacrament. They will make it easy for all to live in sin, thus multiplying the birth of illegitimate children without the Church’s blessing….

The Vaticanist from the US conglomerate NCR, Joshua McElwee, stressed that the statement in Afineevsky's documentary "is not news" because he "Bergoglio" "has supported the civil union (for homosexuals) for years."

The Code of Canon Law defines heresy as “the obstinate denial or doubt, after baptismof a truth which must be believed by divine and catholic faith

He will open his mouth to preach contradiction” Saint Hildegard 

Francis, Gay Couples Cannot Form A Family - Abortion Laws Like Nazis Bergoglio also said:“Then today - it hurts to say - we talk about "diversified" families: different types of families. Yes, it is true that the word "family" is an analogical word, because we speak of the "family" of the stars, the "families" of the trees, the "families" of the animals ... it is an analogical word. But the human family as an image of God, man and woman, is only one...

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