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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Hungary Defies EU and Soros, Recognises Natural Families



Despite the best efforts of George Soros, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and various international NGOs, Hungary has defied international pressure by passing sweeping new pro family measures.

While the rest of Europe aborts its children and deliberately commits suicide by lowering their birth rates, Hungary are continuing to buck the trend by introducing laws which ENCOURAGE people to give birth to their children and raise them, rather than abort them or sell them to homosexual couples.

Having declared Viktor Orban as an ‘Enemy of Europe’, George Soros had been hoping to try to derail the Hungarian efforts to increase their population naturally whilst they upheld Christian ethics.

In today’s vote, Hungarian lawmakers voted explicitly to enshrine natural parenthood and marriage into law. There were a number of crucial elements to it.

1) The law recognises that a child’s sex as it appears on their birth cert is the one which should be honoured.

2) It recognised that ‘The mother is a woman, the father is a man’.

3) Adoption could only go to couples that involved men and women, with singles having to apply for special permission to adopt a child.

Naturally, German journalists are up in arms over this. German news site DW, which has invested heavily in the Globalist agenda, published a scathing piece today which seeks to suggest that this is about ‘LGBT rights’ rather than about protecting the family. Germany has the lowest native birth rate in all of Europe and its Islamic population now stands at 7%, with Berlin now at 11%. This has been caused by their commitment towards discouraging its own citizens from having children.

This package is not about homosexuals or any other niche minority, it is about the majority of Hungarians, past, present and future. Christians, families and patriots.

If Hungarians want to see what they can avoid by upholding the principles in this document, they need only look to the sterile wastelands of Britain, Germany and France, where the destruction of their own nations can’t come soon enough for the self loathing Globalists who have taken over those nations and spread their errors throughout their nations. Even 20 years ago, the rapid declines of those cultures, into terrorism, atheism and materialism was unimaginable.

Europe has a small window to preserve itself and its Christian heritage, ironically (or not) the nations of the Eastern part of the continent are the ones currently preserving what the Western part has lost.

The children of Hungary, born and unborn, deserve this wonderful piece of legislation. May God continue to protect Hungary and Poland and allow them to be a light to the other nations of Europe, who have allowed the scowl faced misery of Merkel and Soros to dominate them.

The Primary Goal in Marriage is to help each other get to Heaven

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