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Thursday, January 27, 2022

The bergoglian apostate Derio Olivero promotes assisted suicide


Secularised Pinerolo Bishop Derio Olivero (see picture) believes, Italy should allow and thus encourage suicides of people whose life is not “qualitative” enough.

He told LaStampa.it (January 23) that “we all live on the same territory, where secular, Catholic and other cultures coexist, so I am convinced that it is necessary to confront each other in order to arrive at a legislation, each bringing his own contribution, leaving aside ideologies” – not noticing that the very idea of promoting suicide being an expression of a particularly inhumane and secular ideology.

Olivero opposes the fact that live is sacred because “it is exaggerated to insist only on sacredness as an absolute term without combining it with quality of life and conscience.”

The “quality of life” ideology implies that the life of a sick and old person has less value compared to the life of healthy and strong people.

This impostor poses as a Catholic bishop while publicly professing a creed contrary to the Catholic Faith. 

This apostate Marxist sect to which Leonardo Boff also belongs considers men as a "parasite" of Pachamama and that is why this (satanic) Marxist sect promotes abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide  and population control. 

In this apostate Marxist class struggle, man takes the position of "Oppressor" and Pachamama as "Oppressed." That is why the heretic Leonardo Boff has called for a reinterpretation of Christianity to save the "crucified" Mother Earth:
«Christianity, beyond the «narrow margins of current Catholicism», will be able to survive if it reformulates itself and enters into harmony with «Mother Earth».
"The cry of the earth is the cry of the poor and the cry of the poor is the cry of the earth, our Mother Earth."
“Within that option for the poor, we must include the great poor who is Mother Earth, who is Pachamama, is the Magna Mater, is the Tonantzin, is Gaia, is the great devastated and oppressed poor”
 «The earth is crucified, it must be lowered from the Cross, it must be resurrected and that is the task of an eco-theology of liberation».
 (…) “It is much better for the Earth that this cancer disappears. The Earth can continue quietly developing another form of life. The biological infrastructure, a candidate to succeed us, is the bearer of spirituality”. (….) “The Abrahamic religions are the most violent, because they believe they are bearers of the truth, like the Pope (Benedict) in Regensburg. What is necessary is spirituality, not creeds and doctrines” (cf. NG 808). FIN, 12-03-09.. 
Derio Olivero prior to being installed as "bishop", he was 'blessed' by the people.

Apostate Derio Olivero celebrates Ramadan

Marie-Julie Jahenny (1850-1941)
March 29, 1879

And she adds, on the 29th of March 1879, that this would happen mainly in towns. “The abandoned church will be without its supreme Head who governs and directs it; For quite a long time the Church must be deprived of all prayer, all offices; exiled from God and the Saints. They also intend to remove all Crucifixes and statues of the Saints from all the shrines and throw them in a profane place to break them with joy.”

June 1, 1880

“All the works approved by the infallible Church will at a certainmoment, cease to exist as they are at this present time. They will have lost nothing of their greatness, but they will be as if non-existing. That period will not last long but it will seem like an eternity for the children of the Church who will become like orphans.”

She frequently announced that “the enemies of the Church would penetrate into its bosom and perpetrate horrible scandals and thrust the sword into the heart of the Church. Rage has never been greater.”

September 28, 1880

Marie-Julie Jahenny assisted at a dialogue between Our Lord and Lucifer and the latter said:
“I will attack the Church. I will overthrow the Cross, I will decimate the people, I will deposit a great weakness of Faith in hearts. There will also be a great denial of religion. For a time I will be master of all things, everything will be under my control; even your temple and all your people.”

June 9, 1881 “From the height of My Glory, I see eagerly joining that religion, culprit, sacrilege, wicked, in a word that religion similar to Mohamed…I see BISHOPS joining.”

“For earth sake, I will lose a large number of My priests; the faithful will die in their faith, rather than joining that infamous religion.”

 Our Lady of la Salette: 
Many will abandon the faith, and the number of priests and religious who will separate themselves from the true religion will be great; even Bishops will be found among these persons.

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