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Friday, March 25, 2022

A Prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mother of God


O   Jesus Christ, Son of the divine bounty of God, be my aid.

O   Blessed Virgin, listen to me.

O   Mother of the Saviour of the world, assist me.

O   Mother of God, Lady of Heaven, sweetly beloved Queen and advocate of all human lineage, pray for me.

Pray come, amiable and mild Lady of the Angels, Flower of the Patriarchs, Desire of Prophets, Treasure of the Apostles, Mother of Confessors, Ornament of Virgins, O Sweet and Blessed Virgin Mary, pray for me.

O   Lady, who is heard above the company of the Angels, preserve me from all evils, past, present and to come. Do no abandon me this day, nor at the dreadful hour when my soul shall be separated from my body. Petition for me, O sweet and Blessed Virgin Mary, at the hour of death and judgment, that my soul may come to Paradise, before your Son Jesus , and that I may be worthy to see His grace and every lasting glory with you. Amen

O   Gate of Paradise, Palace of Jesus Christ, Star of the Sea, Consolation of Mankind, beginning without end, take pity on me.

O   Sweet and Blessed Virgin Mary, daughter of God the Father, Mother of Jesus Christ, the Spouse of the holy Ghost: O Gate of Heaven, Door of the Firmament, Hope of Christians, Fountain of Pity, Safeguard of Peace, Glory of Virgins, who is honored above all Angels, intercede for me.

O   Mother of Mercy, Miracle of Virginity, Virgin above all Virgins, Temple of the Most Holy Trinity, beautiful above all creatures, O Lady of Meekness, Abbess of Mildness, Comforter of the Sorrowful, Consolation of the Afflicted, in you the Angels do rejoice.

O   Sweet Lady of Mercy, turn your merciful eyes to me, enlighten me with grace and hear my prayers. Into the protection of Almighty God and your holy hand, O Refuge of Sinners, I commend my soul and body. Amen

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