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Friday, April 19, 2019

Anti Pope Francis: Who Holds "Extreme" Religious Views of "Anti-Homosexuality" Or "Anti-Abortion" Doesn't Have Human Heart

en.news Pope Francis received British joker Stephen Amos, 51, who introduced himself as “non-religious” and a “gay man” who doesn't “feel” accepted, reports Mirror.co.uk (April 18).

Amos was accompanied by a BBC team because the meeting was part of a pro-gay TV show about “stars” having audiences with Francis.

Repeating gay-propaganda, Francis told Amos, that “giving more importance to the adjective [gay] rather than to the noun [man], is not good.”

“There are people that prefer to select or discard people because of the adjective; these people don’t have a human heart,” Francis ranted, "It does not matter who you are, or how you live your life – you do not lose your dignity.”

Francis habitually uses “adjectives” like “paedophiliac” to “select” people and to use zero-mercy against them.

At this point even Mirror.co.uk notes that Francis' answer is a “departure” from the Catholic Faith.

Amos admitted that he had no intention to accept an opinion other than his own, “If it had been the [correct] answer I was expecting I would have walked out.”

But now Amos believes that the lie Francis told him, will have “ramifications around the world.”

Amos explains, “He’s saying those who hold extreme religious views of anti-homosexuality or anti-abortion don’t have a human heart and that is huge.”

Speaking in English, the anti pope said “You pray for me. I need it. This job is not easy.”

“God Made You Gay” -  Anti Pope Francis

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