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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Horror Missae: Easter Sunday in Lecce: Pastor disguises himself as an Easter egg

There is no any bishop in Rome who defends the House of God from this mockery.

(Rome) While the blood of Christian martyrs was shed in Sri Lanka, on Easter Sunday a priest operated as an animator of his parish. He disguised himself for the Easter Mass as an Easter egg.

In Sri Lanka numerous bombs exploded. The Islamic assassins relentlessly demanded blood. In the churches of Kotahena, Negombo and Batticaloa still held the bodies of slain Christians. They had gathered to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, the most significant event for all humanity. The same is true of the faithful of the parish of St. Bernardine Realino in the episcopal city of Lecce in southern Italy.

The Christians in Sri Lanka expected death from the bombs of the Islamic terrorist militia Islamic State (IS). The Christians of the parish of Saint Bernardine Realino of Lecce awaited their pastor - disguised as an Easter egg.

Don Nando Capone appeared in his parish church as an Easter egg and in his homily also called on the faithful to "be Easter eggs themselves:”

"We are Easter. Each of you should be an Easter egg, a sign of new life, a surprise. Go beyond any wickedness, that is resurrection. "
This spiritually and theologically so "high" and "profound" interpretation of Easter is found readily in the superficial media circus.

The local Internet newspaper Lecce sette headlined enthusiastically:

Don Nando Superstar: The Easter sermon drives the Internet crazy

Let the show go on.

The sermon was posted as a video on Facebook with the comment:

"Happy Easter! Great Don Nando! The most beautiful sermon in the world!

Saint Bernard Realino was born in 1530 in Carpi, northern Italy. He studied medicine and law in Bologna. He exercised the office of mayor, Judge and prpsecutor in the following years in various cities in northern Italy. His legal skills quickly made him a sought after and successful professional man. In the wake of Prince Francesco Fernando d'Avalos d 'Aquino d'Aragona, viceroy in Habsburg Sicily, Bernhardin went to Naples. There, in 1564, after a Marian apparition, he decided to give up his career and enter the still-young, Jesuit order. Consecrated as a priest in 1567, Saint Francisco de Borgia, the third Superior General of the Jesuit Order, made him novice master in Naples. In 1574, the Order sent him to Apulia to found a branch in Lecce. There he worked as a gifted spiritual leader and preacher with great effect on the people and promoted the moral theological formation of the diocesan priests, of whom he made better confessors and preachers.

In 1610 he suffered two wounds in a fall, which no longer healed. Before his death in 1616, blood was taken from him, which liquefied as a "blood miracle" until the mid-19th century. During a canonical recognition in 1711, parts of his body were found unexplained, swimming in a dark red liquid that emitted a fragrant scent. The same thing was repeated in the case of recognition in the years 1804 and 1852. It could no longer be ascertained during the 1985 review.

When Saint Robert Bellarmine heard of his brother's death, he said:

"I've never heard a complaint about Father Realino, even though I was his provincial. Even those who were hostile to the Society and used every opportunity to talk unfavorably about them always made an exception for Realino. ... Everyone knows that he is a saint. "

The tomb of St. Bernardine Realino

In 1838, Pope Gregory XVI. the heroic virtue of Father Bernardino Realino was recognized. Pope Leo XIII. declared him blessed in 1896, after recognizing two miracles attributed to his intercession. After two more miracles, and the recognition of the commissions responsible, his canonization. was carried out by Pope Pius XII. In 1947. 

In the same year, the same Pope appointed him Patron of Lecce. So great was his reputation of holiness already during his lifetime, that in 1616 the city fathers of Lecce asked him on his deathbed twice to be patron of the city as soon as he got to heaven. The saint nodded twice.

The remains of Saint Bernard Realino are buried in the Jesuit church of Lecce.

There are worlds between Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka and the Easter performance of Lecce. There are also worlds between the holy patron Bernhardin Realino and Don Nando Capone.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Facebook / Wikicommons (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com

Clown Priest Comes Along As Easter Egg

The notorious Father Nando Capone of San Bernardino Realino in Lecce, Italy, dressed a hat in the form of an Easter egg while preaching at an Easter Eucharist for children.
The video of his homily (below) went viral. The "faithful" in the pews were excited.

Capone said in his homily that "you are Easter, Easter is not the Easter egg which we eat."

The priest is known for abusing the liturgy for gags. In March he dressed a statue of Saint Anthony in his parish church with the scarf of his favorite soccer team.

Capone will not be admonished by his archbishop. Had he reverently celebrated the Old Latin Mass the archbishop would have punished him.

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