"It is a grave offense not to work for the extermination of heresy when this monstrous infection requires action"
(Council of Vienne)


Friday, January 31, 2020

Bergoglio will receive a "Drag Queen" as he maliciously continues pushing the Marxist agenda of Gender ideology

en.news Francis will receive the militant homosexual Oliver Knöbel, reports Bild.de (January 31).

Knöbel, a German, calls himself "Olivia Jones," and mocks Catholic nuns by dressing up in religious costumes.

For his 50th birthday on November 21, he asked for an audience with Francis, obviously in order to perform a publicity stunt.

Nevertheless, Archbishop Georg Gänswein replied affirmatively, asking only for a letter of recommendation from Knöbel's local bishop. Knöbel is not a Catholic. He lives in Hamburg where pro-gay Stefan Heße, a protégé of Dubia Cardinal Joachim Meisner (+2017), is an archbishop.

Gänswein pointed out that Knöbel must present himself at the audience dressed as a normal man, not as an "artistic character."

Knöbel announced that he will use the meeting to propagate a homosexual pseudo-marriage.

Yayo Grassi: Francis was my high school teacher. he knows that I am gay. I met him in Rome and Washington together with my changing boyfriends. Francis was always asking about them. Nov 2015

Bergoglio defies Catholic moral doctrine to support “public benefits for gay couples”

In Argentina, Bergoglio had already fallen into apostasy and schism allowing sacrilegious communion for sodomites and adulterers, supporting gay civil unions and allowing gay adoptions. This is another Bergoglio Marxist move to boost the Marxist gender ideology agenda.

1 Corinthians 6:9-109 Do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived! Fornicators, idolaters, adulterers, male prostitutes, sodomites, 10 thieves, the greedy, drunkards, revilers, robbers—none of these will inherit the kingdom of God. 

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