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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Hollow apology/ Catholics outraged on social media calling for Bergoglio´s resignation for slapping a woman

The media´s manufactured image of Bergoglio has fallen dramatically.

Radio Mitre: 
"The video of Pope Francis slapping the hand of a woman who grabbed his arm quickly became the most watched on social networks....
Although the Holy Father apologized from the balcony of the Vatican; from Twitter, thousands of users demanded Bergoglio resign his pontificate.
After watching the video, the hashtag # RenunciáFrancisco began to circulate on social networks. It is a national trend and continues to add posts that require the highest reference of the Catholic Church to leave his place, taking into account that it would not be the first time a Pope leaves office".

Hollow apology

In the apology read by Bergoglio instead of sincerely repenting he justified himself.

en.news Francis apologised during the January 1 Angelus prayer for slapping a woman’s hand the day before.

Talking about patience he acknowledged that we all lose our patience sometimes. "Me, too."

And, "I apologise for the bad example I gave yesterday." Video 

Saint Anthony of Padua: he endeavours in vain to spread the Christian doctrine who contradicts it by his works” 

Twitter hashtag from Argentina # RenunciáFrancisco

Gabriel: A terrorist shot John Paul II, 4 times he was on the verge of death, but that Pope forgave him and they even established a friendship, but Francis does not support a squeeze and pull of a woman's hands.

What the Bible says Versus the Peronist Manual.

El Chino Fernandez: Several already remembered. But it does not hurt to repeat it.
This other unpresentable, never ceases to embarrass us in front of the world community.

SusyMo @MareaNocturna20 18h

Hypocrite, after you mistreated a woman, in the Vatican square, in view of all you can not preach this message, you are responsible for many of us Catholics move away from the Church, you have stained the white cassock that you wear ! 
@Pontifex · 21h: Let us begin the year in the sign of Our Lady, the woman who wove the humanity of God. The rebirth of humanity began with woman. If we want to weave humanity into the webs of our day, we must begin again with woman.

agustina rodriguez @ brava89 · 15h #RenunciaFrancisco one day you assaults a woman and the next day you makes a homily against female violence. Your hypocrisy has no limit, I don't know who you remind me of ....

@alvarosarco: Bergoglio reacts violently by the effusive greeting of a woman but to the dictators of the left, to the mass murderers, he receives them with a red carpet #RenunciaFrancisco

From Argentina Gustavo frondizi‏ #RenunciaFrancisco
Vamos todos los católicos juntos por la renuncia de este Judas q se metió a manda a la iglesia y la está destruyendo
Es el anticristo
@Pontifex_es ya hizo disminuir 30% de fieles en 5 años

Todo el mundo ya gritar renuncia Francisco !!!!!

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