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Thursday, April 29, 2021

In Iraq Bergoglio worshiped with members of a syncretic sect who worship a "fallen angel"

 From: The TRADITIO Fathers

On His Iraq Junket Francis-Bergoglio Worshipped with Satanists
 On his March 5-8, 2021, junket to Iraq, far away from the cameras of most of the Western press, the Marxist/Modernist Newpope Francis-Bergoglio took the opportunity to worship with Satanists in an "Oecumenical" extravaganza to end all extravaganzas. (...) 
The particular Satanists with whom Bergoglio associated himself are known as Yezidis, who worship a Devil depicted as a peacock. It is remarkable how pagan cults intrinsically display an awareness of the falsity of their idols, as the Peacock Deity, with its beautiful feathers, traditionally represents pride, the sin by which Satan, once Lucifer, himself was cast into Hell. St. Michael, on the other hand, subjected himself to God in humility and became the Archangel of Heaven. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by La Croix.] 

Francis delivered his indifferentist syncretic message at the ancient temple of Ishtar, goddess of prostitutes

Bergoglio advocates the “right” to worship the god “peacock”. 

“Once again, I raise my voice in favor of Yazidi rights, especially the right to exist as a religious community: no one can attribute the power to annul a religious group because it is not part of those we call "tolerated" ", Pope Francis told them, urging the international community to cease its silence and its inertia in the face of this tragedy.  

"For the moment, Judge François, no real effort is being made to create conditions conducive to the return of refugees to their homes, and to preserve the identity of the Yazidi community."   


In addition to repeating the heresy of religious indifferentism, Bergoglio also violated the First Commandment by proselytizing the Satanic cult. 

The return of refugees

Pope Francis concluded his address encouraging institutions and people of good will who belong to other communities to contribute “to the reconstruction of homes and of places of worship” without neglecting to push forward concrete efforts and create the conditions for the return of the refugees to their homes and the preservation of their identity. 

"In Iraq, Pope Francis and Ayatollah Al-Sistani plead for peace and equality for Iraqis of all faiths"


An Abrahamic religion centered in Ur & Abu Dhabi

Bergoglio called a Muslim leader who worships the false god Allah ‘a man of God’, ‘a wise man’ , ‘a next door saint’

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