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Wednesday, December 15, 2021

The Andean Nativity with which Bergoglio replaced the Nativity of Christ, pays tribute to Pachamama

St. Vincent of Lerins: All novelty in faith is a sure mark of heresy. 

Bergoglio substituted the Nativity of Christ for an 'Andean Nativity' where the natives (Peruvian Shamans) kneel in front of the cradle of the Andean couple's son, which is a sin of idolatry. The gifts that the natives offer to the son of the Andean couple (son of the Pachamama) are exactly the same that the idolaters use in their rituals to worship the Pachamama. 

The pagan deities Pachamama and her son-husband, Inti, are worshiped in the area known as Tawantinsuyu. Tawantinsuyu is the name of the former Inca Empire, and the region stretches through the Andean mountains in present-day Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, Peru, and northern Argentina. 

Infobae: (The native Andean peoples) They believe that the Pachamama - "Mother Earth" - is an indigenous person of short stature, .... who wears a hat and indigenous sandals call 'ojotas'.

Ojotas: Footwear, like a sandal, made of leather or vegetable filament, used by the Indians of Peru and Chile, and still worn by peasants in some regions of South America.

"The Earth is fed with corn, quinoa, kid, different potatoes, beans, cobs, wine, beer, soda, Coca leaves and other typical foods.

"The altar to Pachamama includes seeds, corn, plants, statuettes, and a llama fetus, laid out on a bed of coca leaves."

In this Andean parody, Bergoglio replaced the Magi with natives (Shamans) who worship the Pachamama. 

Galatians 1:8

 But even if we or an angel [messenger] from heaven should proclaim to you a gospel contrary to what we proclaimed to you, let that one be accursed!

The Wise Men sought out the newborn Messiah to worship Him. And his gifts symbolize  his royalty (gold),  his divinity (frankincense) and  his humanity (myrrh). 

The heretical parody also replaces the shepherds with a native woman (shaman) who make a pagan offering of a vicuña. 
Christmas Peruvian style! Traditional Nativity Scene from ...

Shamans also offer animal sacrifices and fetuses of dissected llamas.
Andean shamans offer the blood of animals that they sacrifice to their false god Pachamama. 

They also organize fights (Tinku = encounter) among themselves until they shed "Fresh" blood as an offering for their pagan cult to ask for a good harvest. 

The presence in the Andean crib of llamas with colored wool in their ears shows that they have been offered in the pagan ritual of Santiago to the Pachamama, where they are marked. 
"Santiago ritual or Tayta Shanti is an act of worship and tribute to the pachamama with dances and songs."
'An herranza (an pagan Andean festival in which the ears of livestock -- llamas and alpacas, etc -- are pierced with ribbons)'

(Animals such as cattle (vicuñas, cows, alpacas) and sheep are adorned with colorful ribbons (wool) placed in the form of earrings .... The next day the blood of an animal is drunk accompanying the ceremony with traditional music, then we proceed to the cattle brand.) 

St. Vincent of Lerins. Let whoever attempts to disseminate anything other than what we have received be anathema.

A Pachamama nativity scene in St Peter’s
After the esoteric one, the new (anti) crib Pachamamic in St. Peter's Square 


 (...) In 15 seconds flat we found, without fail, the new anti – Catholic catch of the Vatican “crib” whose inauguration is scheduled for this afternoon in St. Peter’s Square. Vatican News explains: “ The Nativity that will be set up for Christmas comes from the village of Chopcca in the Andes. It will be made up of more than 30 pieces and created by five famous artists from Huancavelica … ”.

Immediate Google search: “Chopcca-Pachamama”. Tàc . Here, read with us HERE on page. 198 the volume “ Los Chopcca de Huancavelica” , published by the Ministry of Culture of Peru: “In spite of the intense pastoral work of both Christian doctrines – Catholic and Evangelical – THE PRECRISTIAN CHOPUCHE RITUAL PRACTICES HAVE NOT BEEN UNRADICATED. Dependent on the forces of nature, it REMAINS among the villagers the conception of the world presided over by Apus or Wamanis, SPIRITS who live on the hills, and by the PACHAMAMA , entities which are EXPLICITLY MENTIONED IN THEIR RITUALS.The Apus major in the area, Qaparina and Cobremina, are the highest hills in the region, to which homage is paid with ceremonies and rites during the feasts of the production cycle. In herranza or Santiago, pagapu is performed, a ritual in which offerings are made to the god Apu or to PACHAMAMA for the protection of their animals. Similar rituals are performed during planting, harvesting and other activities that require the help and protection of the Andean deities. It is remarkable that the PRINCIPAL CULTURAL VICTIM of evangelical preaching (Protestant ed) were not the celebrations of the production cycle, where much of the Andean worldview is persecuted by Catholicism since the colonial era, BUT PRECISELY CATHOLIC RELIGIOUS FESTIVALS “.

The Huancavelicana region dresses in colors and celebrates the marking of cattle, it is the Tayta Santiago festival (Tayta Shanti, Rito de Santiago or «Signolakuy» -Signaling).

(It is an act of worship and tribute to the pachamama with dances and songs) 

pachamama peru

Bergoglio joins the Marxists who revive Paganism.

In June 2014 Bergoglio conjured in front of the cameras of the Rome Report, the offerings to the Pachamama belong to the Marxist leader (shaman) of the Tupac Amaru that she used to worship the Pachamama in August of that same year. In other words, Bergoglio confirmed in her idolatry and her pagan practices the Argentine indigenous Marxist leader Milagro Sala. 
Bergoglio attacks the Catholic Tradition while he promotes the pagan ´traditions´ that worship the Pachamama. 


Bergoglio participated in a ritual to Earth in an international event of the anti-Catholic foundation Scholas Occurrentes

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