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Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Complicit Clergy accuses Bergoglio´s church of facilitating illegal immigration, enabling human trafficking

 The accountability group has compiled abundant testimony that Catholic Charities aids illegal immigration, used by cartels to exploit human beings.


Tue Feb 15, 2022 - 9:35 pm EST

(LifeSiteNews) – The group Complicit Clergy published a video testifying to Catholic Charities’ facilitation of illegal immigration, arguing that the Catholic (Bergoglio's) (c)hurch has become complicit in crimes committed by criminal cartels that manage border crossings.

Read More at: Complicit Clergy accuses church of facilitating illegal immigration, enabling human trafficking - LifeSite (lifesitenews.com)

Reshetnyak alleges that Bergoglio financially supports the criminal activities of La Alameda and is involved in the trafficking of people who carry out sex work in Rome

Titular de la Fundación La Alameda : Gustavo Vera.

"El papa" : Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

BUENOS AIRES, February 23, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) -- Natacha Jaitt, an Argentine media celebrity who had accused Gustavo Vera, a friend of Pope Francis, of sex crimes, was found dead during the pre-dawn hours on Saturday at a resort near Buenos Aires. Jaitt tweeted in October that Vera was Pope Francis’ “accomplice.” She wrote: “Justo Gustavo Vera, is a pimp, sex-trafficker, and accomplice of the Pope and, as I predicted, was tried for misappropriation of funds at Alameda and other illegal acts. God will do what is just, someday. Amen.”



The investigation revealed there was a wide network of seminarians involved in homosexual activity spreading across a number of dioceses.

Church Militant has also confirmed with official sources that various U.S. bishops were aware of this, but turned a blind eye so they could keep their vocation numbers artificially high.

Multiple sources, along with former seminarians — fed up with the cover-ups — led Church Militant to Fr. John Lavers, called in to head up a top-level investigation which then discovered the existence of the seminarian pipeline.

Fr. John Lavers: "The investigation, when we began in April/May of 2012, revealed that there was a wide network of seminarians which were involved in abnormal behavior and homosexual activity spreading across a number of dioceses in the eastern part of the United States. This also involved a number of dioceses and a number of clergy within those dioceses actively supporting and participating in the homosexual activities that the seminarians were also involved in."

What was perhaps most disturbing, beyond the obvious, was the knowledge of, participation in and cover-up of this by multiple bishops and their staffs.

Fr. John Lavers: "Well, I can say that the investigation revealed that there were at least six dioceses and we know that, from information that was continuing to come into us from various anonymous sources and confidential informants, that that number of dioceses was to grow."
To be clear, under Bp. Henry Mansell during his time in Buffalo, young Colombian men, some of whom were homosexual, were actively recruited and brought to the United States under false pretenses, potentially violating U.S. immigration laws in the process:
Fr. John Lavers: "If that student or seminarian was dismissed or expelled — not withdrawn, but dismissed or expelled — then, in accordance with 2012 the immigration law of the day, they had two weeks in order to leave the United States. But we also know from the investigation that this did not happen."
Michael Voris: "And so the fact that they are engaged in or at least that possibility is sitting right there that they are engaged in violations of U.S. immigration law."

This potential point of deceiving the U.S. Immigration Department in funneling in gay seminarians to the U.S. and moving them around after they have been expelled from a seminary will not bode well for bishops if the federal government comes calling — especially with daily chatter of RICO violations increasing.

The seminarians we spoke with told us not all Colombians were homosexual who were recruited. Some were brought to Buffalo to be groomed and converted to a homosexual lifestyle and passed around among various clergy.

Once Mansell arrived in Hartford in 2003, he stepped up his game, so to speak, capitalizing on what had become the gay Colombian pipeline for Newark, which homosexual predator Theodore McCarrick had left as archbishop just three years earlier.

Bergoglio, Soros and Maradiaga behind the Honduran Invasion to Mexico - USA

DCLEAKS BOMBSHELL: THE SOROS/FRANCIS ALLIANCE CONFIRMED Bergoglio "burattino" di Soros, ora c'è la prova: il sicario finanziario si  "compra" i gesuiti con 2 milioni di dollari - Rassegne Italia
At this point, with all the evidence that exists, the Bergoglio mafia should be legally investigated as an international criminal organization by the RICO Law. 

The Evangelical Immigration Table Exposed As Another Soros Front - Juicy Ecumenism

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