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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

St. Peter Canisius condemned the vice of sodomy: The Never Sufficiently Execrated Depravity


“Anyone who wishes to frolic with the devil cannot rejoice with Christ.”

judges Francis’  heretical idea that the Pope should not judge

  • Nature itself abhors this horrible and abominable sin

The men of Sodom, saith the Scripture, were very naught, and sinners before God too too much. This horrible and abominable sin Saint Peter and Saint Paul do reproach: yea nature herself doth abhor: and the Scripture also doth declare the greatness of foul a wickedness […] (Saint Peter Canisius. Summa of Christian Doctrine III, Of sins that cry unto heaven, pg. 137 – Latin)


Today is the feast of Saint Peter Canisius , Doctor the The Church.

“As the Sacred Scripture says, the Sodomites were wicked and exceedingly sinful. Saint Peter and Saint Paul condemn this nefarious and depraved sin. In fact, the Scripture denounces this enormous indecency thus: ‘The scandal of Sodomites and Gomorrhans has multiplied and their sins have become grave beyond measure.’ So the angels said to just Lot, who totally abhorred the depravity of the Sodomites: ‘Let us leave this city….’ Holy Scripture does not fail to mention the causes that led the Sodomites, and can also lead others, to this most grievous sin. In fact, in Ezechiel we read: ‘Behold this was the iniquity of Sodom: pride, fullness of bread, and abundance, and the idleness of her, and of her daughters: and they did not put forth their hand to the needy, and the poor. And they were lifted up, and committed abominations before me; and I took them away as thou hast seen’ (Ezech. 16: 49-50).

Those unashamed of violating divine and natural law are slaves of this never sufficiently execrated depravity.”

-St. Peter Canisius, Summa Doctrina Christianae, III a/b, p. 455


And, this quote from St. Peter Canisius should probably be framed and hanging in every home:

“Better that only a few Catholics should be left, staunch and sincere in their religion, than that they should, remaining many, desire as it were, to be in collusion with the Church’s enemies and in conformity with the open foes of our faith.”

St. Peter Canisius had the courage to rebuke the bad German clergy:
“We have dishonored the altar of God with impure hands and corrupted lips, with our polluted hearts, scandalous lives and enormous abuses. Our sin is all the greater because we insult the [priestly] dignity that was bestowed upon us. Therefore, because of us, the name of God is blasphemed. For such men, there is no honesty in the home, no sobriety at the table, no continence in the bed, no studying from their books, and no devotion in their hearts.”


O God, who didst strengthen blessed Peter thy confessor in virtue and doctrine for the defence of the Catholic faith: grant in thy mercy, that by his example and teaching the erring may be brought to repentance, and the faithful persevere in confession of the truth. Through our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

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