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Tuesday, April 19, 2022

The Gay activist Jorge Mario Bergoglio profaned Easter Monday with the "gay icon" at a rock concert in St. Peter's Square

Blanco sing to Bergoglio while he openly declares war on the laws of God and the moral doctrine of the Catholic Church.

Homoerotic singer to entertain teens on Easter Monday in the Vatican

Rock Concert Disguised as Prayer: "We Have Lost The Nose For The Truth" - Francis


About 100,000 teenagers, aged 12-17, from across Italy filled St Peter’s Square for an Easter Monday "prayer" meeting with Francis.

The event with no Covid coercions was packed with more people than for Francis’ Easter Urbi et Orbi blessing. They came for Blanco (Riccardo Fabbriconi)a noise maker whom the oligarchs praise as “icon for homosexuals” after Blanco's recent homoerotic performance. Blanco also posed undressed on Vanity Fair’s cover with another noise-maker touching each other with their feet.

For the Vatican show, Blanco showed up in white (video below). Francis was part of the side program. He drove back and forth in his popemobile and delivered a speech containing immortal slogans (“life means sharing with others, not closing in on one's self;” “have courage and go forward“).

Using the royal we, he told his immature public, “You have something that we adults have lost; you have a nose for truth, a desire to seek and to find the Lord.” The correct version of this would have been, “You have a nose for the mobile phone and a desire to seek and to find rubbish [= Blanco].”
With the complicity of Bergoglio, the Italian apostate bishops hired a soft porn artist to sing at a rock concert in St. Peter's Square desecrating Easter Monday and giving an anti-testimony to young people.

VATICAN CITY (ChurchMilitant.com) - The Italian bishops have invited Italy's leading soft porn singer and rapper to perform at St. Peter's Square on Easter Monday before an audience of 60,000 teenagers. 

Blanco (right) and Mahmood posed naked on Vanity Fair's cover

Riccardo Fabbriconi, known professionally as Blanco, won acclaim from LGBTQ+ fans after a homoerotic performance at Italy's Sanremo 2022 Festival where he does a double act with singer Alessandro Mahmood, who is rumored to be gay. 

"Blanco and Mahmood have become true icons for homosexuals," Italian media QDS.it reported, commenting on the duo's "intense and enchanting song 'Brividi,'" (translated as "shivers" or "chills"). The song uses the "f-word" and celebrates a homoerotic relationship. 

The invitation to Blanco is at the behest of the Italian Episcopal Conference (CEI), which has organized the national youth pilgrimage being led by Fr. Michele Falabretti, head of the bishops' National Service for Youth Ministry.

Michele Falabrett

Around 60 bishops are expected to attend the event, bringing young people from their dioceses to the Vatican. The bishops' media Avvenire said Blanco's performance will prepare the teens for a prayer meeting and sermon from Pope Francis later the same evening. 

'Not Suitable' Messaging

Bishop Antonio Suetta of the diocese of Ventimiglia-San Remo told Italian newspaper La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana he was scandalized by the invitation since "the message conveyed by Blanco is not suitable for a Catholic context."

Blanco and Mahmood have become true icons for homosexuals.GabTweet

"If entertainment is intended to prepare children for the meeting with the Holy Father and for prayer, I would find it more appropriate to invite artists in the field of Christian music, and there is an avalanche of them," Suetta said. 

Blanco's public photos "reflect an approach to the body, to human relationships and to the vision of life that clashes with the Christian vision," the bishop explained. "I also saw a photo of him practically in his underwear, squeezing his genitals with his hand."

Blanco and Mahmood appeared stark naked on the cover of the Italian edition of Vanity Fair, only covering their genitals with their hands. (Church Militant has pixelated the offensive parts in the image, shown above.)

Suetta, one of the lone Italian bishops to stand against the spirit of the age, elaborated:

I understand that the world has fallen into vulgarity, but we, as a Church, must we endorse the vulgarity? We have an enormous artistic heritage with multiple expressions; the Church has always used these means to elevate the spirit, illuminating the fashions and different styles of the times. But can we call this kind of performance "art"?

I've long been under the impression that these slips come from a misunderstood concept of dialogue. I give dialogue a positive value. Clearly, I do not consider it an absolute, because the meaning of our human relationships cannot be limited to dialogue. It should not be confused with compromise; dialogue is an instrument of our intelligence to get to know each other and walk together to the truth.

I also saw a photo of him practically in his underwear, squeezing his genitals with his hand.GabTweet

In the first week of April, the rapper made headlines when he picked up a bra and wore it around his tattooed chest. The bra was thrown at him by a young female fan in the front row at a concert in Padua. 

"For some, the gesture of wearing women's underwear was a signal to define themselves as 'fluid.' For others, Blanco once again showed his eclectic exuberance," Italian daily Il Giornale commented.

Latest Perversion of 'Art'

The Vatican and the Italian bishops have scandalized the faithful in recent years with a number of displays masquerading as art. 

"Gender fluid" Blanco dons a bra at the Padua concert

Donations from Peter's Pence, the pope's charitable collection, were used to fund the 2019 Elton John biopic Rocketman, featuring an explicit gay sex scene. Singer Elton John, who "married" his "husband" David Furnish, slammed the Church as "hypocritical" for funding his film but refusing to bless same-sex marriages. 

Faithful Catholics blasted the Vatican's 2018 nativity for featuring a homoerotic figure. The Christmas crib, meant to portray the seven corporal acts of mercy, was made in Montevergine, a town famous for its close links with Italy's LGBTQ+ community.

In 2017, Abp. Vincenzo Paglia, head of the Pontifical Academy for Life, commissioned homosexual artist Ricardo Cinalli to paint a homoerotic mural in his cathedral in the diocese of Terni-Narni-Amelia.

The mural includes a homoerotic image of Paglia and portrays Jesus lifting to Heaven two nets filled with naked and semi-nude homosexuals, transsexuals, prostitutes and drug dealers tangled together in sexual interactions.

I understand that the world has fallen into vulgarity, but we, as a Church, must we endorse the vulgarity?GabTweet

In April 2008, authorities at Vienna's St. Stephen's Cathedral caused outrage when they exhibited an artwork portraying the Last Supper as a homoerotic orgy. The exhibition, "Religion, Flesh and Power," by controversial sculptor Alfred Hrdlicka, depicted Jesus being fondled and the Apostles groping one another.

Cardinal Christoph Schönborn ordered the removal of the Last Supper exhibit, but other blasphemous pictures — including one showing Christ being fondled while on the Cross — were left on display.

"I don't think it helps the kids to get to know Jesus Christ better by offering a further opportunity to listen to Blanco," Suetta lamented. "It is something that embarrasses, creates worry and discomfort. If by scandal we mean something that literally stands in the way, yes, it is."

The Holy See Press Office did not respond to Church Militant's request for comment as of press time.  

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