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Thursday, July 28, 2022

Bergoglio And Canadian anti-Catholic regime Invoke Demons

Exodus 20:3 “You shall have no other gods before me.

Baltimore Catechism:

How does a Catholic sin against faith? A Catholic sins against faith by apostasy, heresy, indifferentism, and by taking part in non-Catholic worship.

Francis And Canadian Regime Invoke Demons (Video)

Francis and his Canadian entourage took part in a somewhat primitive "smudging" ritual on 27 July in Quebec at a meeting with representatives of the Canadian regime, including Caudillo Justino Trudeau.


During a welcome ceremony, an old man (shaman) with a walker belonging to the Hurons performed a ( pagan) Smudge (a pagan shamanic ritual) to The Four Direction in order to achieve an alleged "purification."

He lit sweetgrass with a match in a small bowl to "honour" earth, wind, water and fire. Then he spread the little smoke he produced with a feather expressing his belief that the sacred fire shall unite everything that exists in creation. Tobacco was added only “virtually” to “visualise” the sacred fire.

The old man (shaman)  asked the four directions to open the doors of ancestors and to grant access to the "sacred circle of spirits" [= demons].

He whistled four times with a wild turkey bone which he has used for similar ceremonies for twenty years inviting those present to put the hands on the hearts calling this "an important gesture". Francis and the cardinals complied trying to look meaningful. The cardinals participating in this comedy were Collins (Toronto), Lacroix (Quebec), Czerny (Vatican), Ouellet (Vatican), Parolin (Vatican).

The Canadian Indians were cruel, not least to helpless elderly people who were abandoned and left to die, including their own parents.

Bergoglio rehabilitates paganism

Sins that violate the First Commandment are superstition, idolatry, witchcraft, sacrilege, atheism, and tempting God.

The First Commandment of God is transgressed:
By opposing religion.
By worshipping idols.
By superstitions.
By invoking spirits.

  “Let him be anathema!”

Bergoglio in collusion with Chief Tony Alexis and Justin Trudeau promoted the anti-Catholic hoax.

Chief  Tony Alexis

Sodomites are idolaters.

Romans 1:24-25

 Wherefore God gave them up to the desires of their heart, unto uncleanness, to dishonour their own bodies among themselves.

Who changed the truth of God into a lie; and worshipped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.


Bergoglio has confirmed the unrepentant idolaters and homosexuals in their rejection of the Church and the true God.
Saint Thomas Aquinas commenting on Romans 1: 

(Rm 6,23): The wages of sin is death. All their idols will be burned in the fire ((Micah 1,7). And it is noteworthy that the Apostle very reasonably assigns to vices against nature, which are very serious among carnal sins, the punishment of idolatry (...) 

John 5:43 I have come in my Father’s name, and you do not accept me; if another comes in his own name, you will accept him.

Paganism is Being Enforced by the State in Canada, Thanks to Jorge Mario Bergoglio

Apostate Bishop participating in the pagan “smudging” ceremony at the Vatican. 

The Catechism teaches that the most important sacramentals are three: blessings, consecrations and exorcisms (1671-1673).

Bergoglio hates the Catholic priesthood

The Wanderer: «Also, let us not forget that, as the pontiff himself has said, his theological mentor was Lucio Gera and his “theology of the people”, according to which “the people” are not subject to being evangelized but subject to evangelize. It is understood in this way, beyond the undeniable populist eagerness, that Bergoglio's first gesture to look at the fateful Vatican loggia 13/3/13 has been to ask for the blessing of the people. And that also explains why he ordered a survey of the people to know his opinion about the family and other questions of sexual morality. The people teach»

Father E. Sylvester Berry,
eminent, 20th Century scripture scholar
“. . .Antichrist and his prophet will introduce ceremonies to imitate the Sacraments of the Church. In fact there will be a complete organization - a church of Satan set up in opposition to the Church of Christ. Satan will assume the part of God the Father; Antichrist will be honored as Savior, and his prophet will usurp the role of Pope. Their ceremonies will counterfeit the Sacraments . . .” Published in 1921 (37 years before the pivotal 1958) by Father E. Sylvester Berry in his book, The Apocalypse of St. John.

Again he repeats this message in his following work:

"The prophecies of the Apocalypse show that Satan will imitate the Church of Christ (Catholic Church) to deceive mankind; he will set up a church of Satan in opposition to the Church of Christ. Antichrist will assume the role of Messias; his prophet will act the part of Pope, and there will be imitations of the Sacraments of the Church. There will also be lying wonders in imitation wrought in the Church."Published in 1927 by Father E. Sylvester Berry in his book, The Church of Christ: An Apologetic and Dogmatic Treatise.

Father Herman B. Kramer (1884-1976) 

New Sacraments:

 "The False Prophet may institute secret rites, through which the followers of Antichrist will be advanced by degrees into the deeper mysticism of his cult. A sort of diabolical sacramental system would thus be instituted conferring the graces of Satan and consecrating people to the service of the Beast." page 325 The Book Of Destiny 


St. Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274)

"It is absurd for a heretic to say that he believes in Jesus Christ. To believe in a person is to give our full consent to his word and to all he teaches. True faith, therefore, is absolute belief in Jesus Christ and in all He taught. Hence, he who does not adhere to everything Jesus Christ has prescribed for our salvation does not have any more of the Doctrine of Jesus Christ than the pagans, Jews and Mohammedans."


Saint Thomas explains that the Sodomites are idolaters.

 Saint Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274)
Commenting upon Saint Paul’s Epistle to the Romans (1:26-27), Saint Thomas Aquinas, the Angelic Doctor, explains why the sin of homosexuality is so grave:

"Given the sin of impiety through which they [the Romans] sinned against the divine nature [by idolatry], the punishment that led them to sin against their own nature followed.... I say, therefore, that since they changed into lies [by idolatry] the truth about God, He brought them to ignominious passions, that is, to sins against nature; not that God led them to evil, but only that he abandoned them to evil.... 

"If all the sins of the flesh are worthy of condemnation because by them man allows himself to be dominated by that which he has of the animal nature, much more deserving of condemnation are the sins against nature by which man degrades his own animal nature.... 


Galatians 1:8

 But even if we or an angel [messenger] from heaven should proclaim to you a gospel contrary to what we proclaimed to you, let that one be accursed!

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