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Friday, July 15, 2022

Bergoglio paid two lawyers to get homosexual predator Zanchetta out of jail

 No Prison: Homosexual Predator Zanchetta Granted House Arrest 

Victims of sexual abuse in Argentina repudiate this decision. 

Victims of homosexual predator Zanchetta say Bergoglio spits in their faces.

Homosex Victim: Francis knew that Zancheta was sexually abusing us.

An ex-seminarian and alleged abuse victim of former Orán Bishop Gustavo Zanchetta spoke to ElTribuno.com (July 14). Highlights.

• Late Father Diego Calvisi was one of the five priests who canonically denounced Zanchetta and who supported Zanchetta victims financially. Now, Zanchetta will spend his house arrest in a home for retired priests that Calvisi founded.

• Francis never gave an answer to the canonical complaint against Zanchetta.

• Francis knew everything about the Zanchetta case and is still protecting him. He says one think in his homilies and does another.

• Francis told Zanchetta’s canonical lawyer, Spanish born Father Javier Belda Iniesta, to carry out a canonical investigation against those priests who denounced Zanchetta, accusing them of financial irregularities and of having children to discredit them in order to whitewash Zanchetta.

• While Belda was in Orán lobbying for Zanchetta’s transferal to house arrest, he was living in a five-star hotel.
Revenge: Bergoglio appoints jailed bishop's canon lawyer to investigate priests who testified to abuse - LifeSiteNews

Report: Pope  Francis knew about Argentina bishop’s sexual misconduct prior to Vatican promotion

Bergoglio was the confessor of homosexual predators Gustavo Zanchetta and Julio César Grassi


A Fatal Blow to the “Humble” Reformer Narrative

Then there is the Gustavo Zanchetta affair, which exploded only this month.  Even Philip Lawler has described it as “a fatal blow to the Pope’s reputation as a reformer.” Zanchetta, a friend and “spiritual son” of Bergoglio, who was his confessor, held the title of executive undersecretary of the Argentine bishops’ conference under Bergoglio as its head. Bergoglio made him bishop of the remote Argentine diocese of Orán, one of his earliest episcopal appointments. Four years later Zanchetta suddenly resigned in the midst of allegations of financial impropriety and the sexual harassment of seminarians, only to receive from Bergoglio, in December 2017, a Vatican sinecure as “assessor” of the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See (APSA), which handles the Vatican’s real estate and investments.  Bergoglio created the position just for Zanchetta, ASPA never having had an “assessor” before, as John Allen notes.  A most curious appointment for someone already in flight from allegations of financial misfeasance. 


As archbishop of Buenos Aires, Bergoglio covered up for homosexual predator Gustavo Zanchetta.

Bergoglio should be in jail for covering up for convicted  pedophiles and homosexual predators.

Another evidence of Bergoglio's complicity is that he has not initiated a canonical process to laicize the homosexual predator Zanchetta to reduced him to lay state.

Cdl. Bergoglio Protected Convicted Pedophile in Argentina. He was Grassi's confessor and a permanent visitor to the Felices los Niños Foundation where the abuses had been committed

Bergoglio has not initiated a canonical process for his protégé Grassi to laize him either.

In Argentina, the pedophile Grassi receives a salary in prison, so it is to be thought that Zanchetta also, while the "cancelled priests" are persecuted by the Bergoglian sect and stripped of all economic benefits for being Catholics.

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