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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

O Mary, Help of Christians, intercede so that God expels the false church out of Rome


The blessed German nun Anna Catherine Emmerick gave a prophetic warning:
“Then I saw an apparition of the Mother of God, and she said that the tribulation would be very great. She added that people (of those times) must pray fervently with outstretched arms, be it only long enough to say three Our Fathers. Above all they must pray that the church of Darkness leaves Rome.”


From the Liturgical Year of Dom Prosper Gueranger, Abbot of Solesmes


But Rome is not the only spot on earth that needs thy powerful Help, O Mary! The Vineyard of thy Son is everywhere being laid waste by the wild beast. Vice and error and seduction are everywhere. There is not a country where the Church is not persecuted, and her Liberty trampled upon. Society has lost its Christian traditions; it is at the mercy of revolutions, against which it has no power. O thou that art the Help of Christians, aid the world in these its perils! Thou hast the power to save it from danger! Wilt thou permit the people to be lost, who were redeemed by the Blood of Jesus, and whom he, from his Cross, entrusted to thy care?

Thou, O Mary, art the Help of each Christian soul, as well as of the entire world. That same enemy, who is bent on the destruction of the whole human race, is seeking to drag each one of us into perdition. He hates the image of thy Son, which he sees reflected in our human nature. Oh! come to our assistance; save us from this roaring lion of hell. He knows thy power, and that thou canst procure our deliverance, so long as we are left in this present life. Thou hast gained the most stupendous victories for the salvation of thy clients; tire not, we beseech thee, in aiding poor sinners to return to their God. When Jesus spoke of them that were invited to the Marriage-Feast, and told us how the King said to his servants: Compel them to come in: it was thee that he had mainly in view. Lead us then to our King!

Our supplications to thee, O Help of Christians, are thus earnest, because our wants are great; but we are not, on that account, the less mindful of the special honor that we owe thee at this holy Season of Easter, when the Church contemplates the joy thou hadst in thy Risen Jesus’ presence. She congratulates thee on the immense happiness that thus repaid thee for thine anguish on Calvary and at the Sepulcher. It is to the Mother consoled by and exulting in her Son’s triumphant Resurrection that we offer this sweet Month, whose loveliness is so in keeping with thine own incomparable beauty, dear Mother! In return for this homage of our devotion, pray for us, that our souls may persevere in the beauty of grace given to them by this year’s union with our Jesus; and that we may be so well prepared for the Feast of Pentecost as to merit to receive the Gifts of the Holy Ghost, who comes that he may perfect the work of our Paschal Regeneration.

Prayer to Our Lady Help of Christians

Mary, Immaculate Virgin, Mother of God and our Mother, thou seest how the Catholic Faith, in which we propose by the help of God to live and die, and so attain to eternal glory, is everywhere assailed by the devil and the world. Do thou, Help of Christians, renew thy victories as of old, for the salvation of thy children. To thee we entrust our firm purpose of never joining assemblies of heretics (bergoglian) or sectaries (germans). Do thou, all holy Virgin, offer to thy divine Son our resolutions, and obtain from Him the graces necessary to enable us to remain steadfast in them to the end... Protect the faithful Clergy and the people who proclaim thee Queen; hasten by the power of thy prayers the day when all nations shall be gathered together around the true Supreme Pastor. Amen. Mary, help of Christians, pray for us.

Indulgence: 100 Days, once a day, Leo XIII, December 20, 1890

Our Lady Help of Christians

Most powerful Virgin, loving help of the Christian people, what thanks are not due to thee from us for the help thou didst give to our fathers, who, when threatened by the infidel Turk, invoked thy maternal aid by devoutly reciting the Rosary. From heaven thou didst behold their danger, thou didst hear their pitiful voices, thou didst lend a favorable ear to the humble prayer suggested by the great Pontiff, St. Pius V, and didst promptly run to their assistance.

Grant, O dear Mother, that the present and long continued groaning of the holy Spouse of Christ may penetrate to thy throne; may they again move thy compassion and arouse thee afresh to free her from the powerful enemies who surround her. And so from every corner of the earth there rises to thy throne that precious prayer to make thee propitious now, as then, in our present calamity. Perchance our sins hinder, or at least retard, their effect. Therefore, dearest Mother, obtain for us true sorrow for them, and a firm purpose to be ready rather to face death than return to sin. Intolerable is the thought that through our fault the aid we so desperately need should be denied or delayed.

Arise then, dear Mother, yielding to the prayers of the Catholic world, and beat down the pride of those wretched men who in their insolence outrage God, and would have that Church destroyed against which, by the infallible word of Christ, the gates of hell shall never prevail. Let it once more be seen that where thou dost arise to protect her the victory is assured, that though it may be delayed it is certain in the end; for so we are taught by the faith, which bids us hope through thee to be mercifully heard by God. Amen.

Indulgence: 200 Days, once a day, Leo XIII, June 20, 1891

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