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Sunday, June 25, 2023

Argentinian Archbishop: Francis “Is A Vengeful Man”


Former Archbishop of La Plata Héctor Rubén Aguer said: “Those who have known Jorge Bergoglio for a long time and have witnessed his actions as Provincial of the Society of Jesus, point to a characteristic of his personality: he is a vengeful man.”

Therefore, the treatment that he has given to Bishop Gänswein, “is nothing less than revenge.”

Monsignor Aguer also said:

La “vendetta”:

(The vengeful characteristic of Bergoglio's personality) would also explain many cases of "cancellation" of traditionalist bishops, and the selective application of retirement at 75 years of age. In Italian: it's a vendetta.

Vindictive“Bergoglio divides the church into those who are with him and those who are against him — and if he thinks you’re in the latter camp then he’ll come after you.”

Fear: Hilary White published a long article on Cardinal Bergoglio's time in Buenos Aires. She cites an Argentinian official in the Vatican. Quote, "Bergoglio created in Buenos Aires a network of lies, intrigue, espionage, mistrust and, more effective than anything, fear.” And, "Although he painstakingly works to impress everyone with an air of sanctimoniousness, austere and mortified, he is a man of mentality of power. And always was.”

No One Wants This: In 2009 Bergoglio refused to promote the Old Mass in Buenos Aires. He allowed only a re-written version of the Mass with many Novus Ordo and vernacular insertions, which the faithful who had been asking for the Mass attended exactly once. He then threw up his hands and said, "See? No one wants this” and cancelled it.

Dictator: White writes that Cardinal Bergoglio was - quote - "the dictator of the Argentinean Church". As such he imposed an absolutely mediocre hierarchy. The known Spanish blog of Francisco de la Cigoña said about him at the time: "He is not a dictator for good but for evil."

Playing Ball: According to Hilary White Bergoglio operates by the careful gathering, storing and manipulation of information about individuals, particularly their background and personal habits. Quote, "He uses a carrot-and-stick approach, offering a quiet life and even advancement to those who are willing to play ball."

Persecution From Within: A great number of the friars seen in this film have had to flee after the closing of the seminary, because they found themselves in a new atmosphere of doctrinal corruption and moral relaxation, of the disintegration of the religious observance they had avowed themselves to maintain. Quote: “You'd think they were fleeing 16th Century England and the Tower -- but this form of priest hunting is so much more dangerous as it comes from within.”

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