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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Francis Withheld His Ring ¨for fear of spreading germs¨. Vatican spokesman Alessandro Gisotti said that Francis was concerned about hygiene

Bergoglio "Allowed" some Priests and Nuns to Kiss His Ring in Loreto

en.news Vatican Press Speaker Alessandro Gisotti told journalists on March 28 that he asked Pope Francis why he pulled his hand away when the faithful wanted to kiss his ring in Loreto.

According to Edward Pentin reporting on Twitter, Francis answered that he didn't want to spread germs among the many who had come to greet him.

Gisotti added that it was for reasons of “hygiene," not for Francis, "but to avoid contagion when there are long lines of people."

"He likes to hug people,” Gisotti commented, turning an embarrassing situation into a farce. 

Kissing Bergoglio´s Ring - full scene

Kissing the papal ring gives indulgences and honors the papal office.


Personally Francis loves to kiss hands and feet of transvestites, Muslim, Gay activists,  etc. 
He has even kissed the children on the lips.

Bergoglio kisses foot of transvestite

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