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Sunday, April 22, 2018

In Argentina Bergoglio had no exorcists in his diocese, despite the need

Monsignor Carlos Alberto Mancuso: Pope Francis himself, when he was cardinal archbishop of Buenos Aires, sent him prossesion cases “because he had no exorcists in Buenos Aires, he sent them to La Plata, which is an hour away. I was very grateful for this service”, the bishop told the newspaper El Tiempo.

Il Periodico News«During the course it emerged for example that Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who spoke of the presence of the devil also in the last apostolic Exhortation 'Gaudete et exsultate', when he was archbishop in Buenos Aires, he also had a Lutheran exorcist among his counselors ».

Manuel Acuña has publicly acknowledged that Bergoglio has referred to him cases of diabolical possessions.

Nuevo Diario March 2014

Friend of the Pope, the Lutheran bishop Manuel Acuña, has carried out more than 500 rituals
Friendship with Bergoglio

 His friendship with Jorge Bergoglio, today Pope Francis, is also known. It is an open secret that, many times, Bergoglio himself recommended Acuña to intervene in some case, due to his well-known wisdom on the subject. "We are very friendly, the Holy Father is an extraordinary person. We know to each other very well, and he has great respect for spiritual healing."

Bergoglio's favorite ‘exorcist’ instead of expelling the demon induces diabolical possessions.

The fraudulent Lutheran exorcist Manuel Acuña has a school to teach "exorcism" in which he has accredited witches  to teach courses on elves and magic. Manuel Acuña gave the occultist Liliana Chelli, who has a Witchcraft Spell Book, a certificate to be able to impart spiritual teachings.

Liliana Chelli with Manuel Acuña

Manuel Acuña invites to his courses shamans like his personal friend Paulino Martínez and parasicologists members of Freemasonry like Gustavo Fernandez.

Manuel and Paulino Martinez

Bergoglio called his heretic friend: "bishop" and gave him the cross that he wear in his chest.
Bergoglio: "To the bishop Manuel Acuña, with my blessing and asking him to pray for me. Fraternally"

"To my brothers of the Parish of the Good Shepherd of the Lutheran Church, a cordial greeting, my blessing and asking you to pray for me." Bergoglio

This fraudulent exorcist promotes himself on social networks by relying on his friendship  with  Bergoglio.

Bergoglio:  Ecumenism is easier there; it is easier, something which does not mean more superficial, no; it is not superficial. They do not negotiate the faith and identity. That aborigine tells you in northern Argentina: “I am Anglican”. But [if] the bishop is not there, the parson is not there, the reverend is not there.... “I want to praise God on Sunday and I go to the Catholic cathedral”, and vice versa. This is the richness of young Churches. I don’t know, this is what comes to mind to say to you.

Bergoglio: The differences between Catholic sacraments and Lutheran worship are “explanations, interpretations.” “You are doing the same thing, whether in the Lutheran language or the Catholic one, but it’s the same.”

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