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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Jorge Bergoglio is a foundation of chaos and disunity

Vox Cantoris
The time for politeness and deference to Bergoglio is long over 

The Bishop of Rome, Bergoglio, has sent the word back to the German bishops to go back to Germany and find a unanimous resolution to the problem they created wherein most desire to give Holy Communion to Protestants and the few remaining Catholic bishops, do not.

The Pope is to be the foundation of unity. Instead, Jorge Bergoglio is a foundation of chaos and disunity. What we are seeing being played out is his heretical, satanic "synodal church." A church which is not Catholic. 

We have seen this all before. It is a model we have seen with the Anglican "church." It is an echo of heresiarch Kasper's statement during the Synod on the Family of the African bishops adherence to tradition and that they should not tell the enlightened Germans "too much what to do," a racist statement if ever there were one. Adolf Hitler's racial supremacy lives on in Walter Kasper.

This is one more attack on the Holy and Blessed Sacrament from the same man who refuses to kneel to Him at the altar.

This action on the part of the Germans is schismatic. The action of the Bishop of Rome, in this case, is not Catholic, it is heretical and it is in itself, promoting schism.

We sit by whilst our bishops and cardinals do nothing. Faithful Catholics are horrified more each day with the goings on in Rome. 

Everyone is too polite.

It is time to call out Jorge Bergoglio, the man who is legallyPope as a heretic, an enemy of the Faith, an enemy of the Catholic people and an enemy of Christ.

Note: The Catholic Church teaches that a heretic would cease to be pope, and that a heretic couldn’t be validly elected pope, Bergoglio is not a pope who fell into heresy.  He was a heretic in Argentina so he is not legally a pope but an anti-pope. 

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