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Friday, May 4, 2018

U2 losing fans after coming out in support of abortion

The proGay band U2 that with the help of  Bergoglio profane the Sistine Chapel is losing fans for supporting the legalization of abortion in Ireland. 

U2 also are sponsors of activist groups in favor of abortion Greenpeace and Amnesty International. Bono also gave his public support to the left-wing pro-abortionists Pro Gay group of Argentina Madres Plaza de Mayo.  

IRELAND, May 2, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – On Tuesday, the popular Irish band U2 tweeted its support for repealing Ireland’s pro-life Eighth Amendment and legalizing abortion on demand across the Emerald Isle.

“Tell me again how they're like totally Catholic and stuff,” the Creative Minority Report blog sarcastically responded. Ironically, the “repeal the 8th” graphic U2 tweeted was heart-shaped.

Another Irish-born celebrity, Liam Nesson, narrated an anti-Catholic, pro-abortion video Amnesty International video in 2015. The video portrayed the 1980s, when the Eighth Amendment became law, as the “Dark Ages.” It depicted the Catholic Church as a backwards force behind the life-saving law.

The Church decrees automatic Excommunication for those who support the crime of abortion.

Life Site News portal on June 11, 2014, the national spokesman for the Satanic Temple made clear their Dark Lord stands with gay marriage and abortion proponents.

Irish rock band U2 are in favor of repealing the eighth amendment and the constitutional ban on abortion in Ireland.

Legendary Irish band U2 has irked a section of their fans by coming out in support of Ireland repealing its constitutional ban on abortion.

The Irish rock stars tweeted an image about repealing the eighth amendment to the Irish constitution, the amendment that places the life of the unborn child as equal to that of the mother.

While some voiced their support of the iconic group backing the Yes vote in the upcoming referendum on May 25, others were appalled that U2 would back the cause and claimed that although lifelong fans, they would no longer support the band.

Currently, the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution of Ireland, ratified in 1983, gives mothers and unborn equal rights to life.


«The U2 frontman was speaking in Vancouver ahead of the launch of their Innocence & Experience world tour and revealed: "Think about it, trying to co-opt the word ‘marriage’ is like trying to co-opt the word 'love'.

"You can’t own it. Marriage is now an idea that transcends religion. It is owned by the people. They can decide. It is not a religious institution.
"As far as I know, Jesus wasn’t a married man and neither are most priests talking about it. It is not a religious idea.
"In my mind, commitment is one of the most impossibly great human traits", the Irish Times reports.
Bono remarriage- said the Church doesn't have ownership of marriage in Ireland.
"It is a hard thing to hold on to, and anything that brings that together is a totally wonderful thing.
"There was marriages before the Christian church. And indeed some of my favourite characters in the Bible had lots of marriages – at the same time. So, how did that work? »



Bergoglio awarded the adulterer Pro Gay Edge  allowing him to desacrar the Sistine Chapel. The U2 Band should have lost their fans from the moment they supported the pseudo gay marriages. 

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