"It is a grave offense not to work for the extermination of heresy when this monstrous infection requires action"
(Council of Vienne)


Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Bergoglio gave his support to Lujan's sacrilegious mass and causes more scandal by signing leftist group T-shirt

No wonder the Apostate Clelia Luro, a radical feminist and the “widow” of a disgraced Argentinian bishop, activist for a married priesthood, dead at 86 assured about her personal friend: "Bergoglio  is a man of gestures, and some believe because of these gestures"

Apostate Marxist Agustín Radrizzani organized a profane mass for a leftist group in Lujan on Saturday, October 20 and closed the sacrilegious mass in a profane and irreverent manner. The ITE MISSA EST was: "Chao, gracias, RAJEN, QUE ESTO SE ACABÓ"

Pablo Moyano, on the mobilization to Luján, said Sunday that the mass gathered yesterday to trade unionists, legislators and mayors of the PJ in Luján under the slogan "Peace, bread and work" had the endorsement of Pope Francis. "It could not have been done without the Pope's support" "We have a very good relationship with Pope Francis, without doubt this mobilization could not have been done in the Basilica of Luján without his permission"

Antonio Caponnetto: Radrizzani and those who supported him in this sacrilegious parody. Radrizzani and his constituents, partners, protectors, stokers and artificers have publicly incurred sin against the Second Commandment...Take, first and foremost, our repudiation and rejection, the aforementioned pastors, traitors to the Catholic Church, and fautores of this neo-begotten, who after decades of ecclesiastical derision, have finally found in Bergoglio the Charon of this barge, mimic and antithesis of the Boat.



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