"It is a grave offense not to work for the extermination of heresy when this monstrous infection requires action"
(Council of Vienne)


Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Schonborn in full communion with Bergoglio profanes the cathedral of Vienna with lesbian and pornographic blasphemy

Pro-Gay Vienna Archdiocese Presents the Resurrection as Topless Woman and a Lesbian Kiss (Video)

An ongoing photo exhibition in the presbytery of Vienna Cathedral shows an x-rated photo of a topless model holding a cloth in front of her undraped abdomen.

The pornography is accessible for children. Its name: "Pietà, the first light in the rock tomb: a human being!". A caption reads, "Explosive images are needed in order to communicate the unprecedented message of the resurrection."

The presbytery is a big historical building in the immediate proximity of the Cathedral. It includes a chapel, a library, banquet halls, offices for Catholic organisations and several flats for priests.

A second x-rated item of the exhibition is called "Occident meets the Orient - Guardian Angel kisses sphinx". It shows homosexual fornication between to female models.

The photo was awarded by the diocese of Graz, Austria, and displayed for more than a month in front of Graz Cathedral.


Archdiocese website suggests ‘do not commit adultery’ doesn’t ban sexual sin 

Apostasy: The archdiocese of Vienna "teaches" that the sixth commandment presupposes the right of divorce and does not prohibit all sexual acts outside of marriage

Revelation 18:4 Then I heard another voice from heaven saying,“Come out of her, my people,so that you do not take part in her sins,and so that you do not share in her plagues;

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