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Monday, February 10, 2020

Doctors confirm: Prayer worked after the premature birth of Jacob at only 23 weeks of gestation

This Baby Was Left To Die: But God Had Other Plans

en.news Baby Jacob was born in July 2017 at 23 weeks, four months before his due date.

Jacob's father is a traditional Catholic, pro-lifer, and friend of Gloria.tv. Jacob’s full story was reported on Gloria.tv in German, with many pictures.

When Jacob was born, he was like dead and, as a consequence, had to be reanimated. After seven minutes the doctors gave up. Jacob's lungs were not developed, his blood levels showed cell and organ deterioration. However, he was still breathing by himself although gaspingly.

The doctors concluded that Jacob had no chance of survival. So the baby was put on his mother’s breast to die. His father baptised him.

As Jacob’s tiny body became colder, his left hand held his father’s finger. The parents prayed the rosary. Tiny Jacob kept breathing.

Because he showed a strong will to live, his father begged the doctor after a long hour to resume treatment, even if this would mean that Jacob survived seriously handicapped. The father told the doctors that he would love Jacob anyway.

The child was again examined. The doctor found that against the odds Jacob showed signs of progress on his mother’s breast. They resumed treatment and, to everyone’s surprise, there were no more serious complications.

The final medical rapport noted that the parents are “very religious” and consider this “surprising outcome” as an answer to prayer. The doctors comment, “We were able to confirm that...”

Today, Jacob is a normally developed toddler. According to his father, he is, compared to his siblings when they were the same age, on the same language level but motorically superior.

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