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Monday, February 17, 2020

The apostate Bergoglio's "Querida Amazonia" promotes Eucharistic sacrilege mixed with pagan rites

Gloria.TV News The Main Problem in the Synod Text

The most problematic passage in "Querida Amazonia" is paragraph 82 about Mass. Francis encourages to include pagan rites and symbols in the Eucharist. He feels empowered to ask for - quote: "taking up in the liturgy many elements of the intensive nature experience of the indigenous people, and for stimulating their own forms of expression in songs, dances, rites, gestures and symbols".

Amazon Synod preparer replaces Mass with pagan rituals

Father Hugo Valdemar, from the Archdiocese of Mexico: “This idol (Pachamama) an exorcist explained to me is the figure of the antichrist, it is a parody of Mary, a mockery of Mary, who is pregnant and brings the antichrist to give birth to the Amazonian church, to destroy the Sacraments, return to idolatry, superstition ”

In this picture Rezende is celebrating the anniversary  of the  'inculturated' Salesian priestly ordination,  of the indigenous Reginaldo Lima Cordero. Which means that this was an invalid ordination do to a previously  pagan ritual.
The apostate bishop Edson made this sacrilegious ordination without the Indian Reginaldo Lima Cordero having renounced the works of Satan.

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