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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Bergoglio seeks open ports while closing churches

Italians have had it with the Progressive Pope

Obama’s Pope is at it again.
This man doesn’t miss an opportunity to push his radical progressive globalist agenda.
However, now he’s gone so far that the people of Italy are lashing out.
Critics of the Progressive Pope are now accusing him of “hating Italy and Italians,” after it was revealed that Pope Francis wrote a warm-hearted letter of appreciation to a radical open-borders activist, letting him know that he’s always there for him.

Pope Francis is being accused of “detesting Italy, Italians and Catholics” after he penned a handwritten letter on Good Friday to one of Italy’s most notorious open-borders activists, assuring him, “I am always available to help.”
In his epistle to Luca Casarini, an ultra-left militant who is being investigated for aiding illegal immigration, the pontiff wrote: “I am close to you and your companions. Thanks for all you do.”
Casarini lost no time in bragging to the media. “Pope Bergoglio replied to my letter, he is one of ours,” he told La Repubblica. 

On Easter Sunday, the Holy Father wrote a second and longer letter addressed "To the brothers and sisters of popular movements and organizations," which was posted on the website of Mediterranea Saving Humans, a radical pro-migration NGO (non-governmental organization) led by Casarini.
"I hope this moment of danger [the pandemic] makes us take back control of our life, shake our sleeping consciences and produce a human and ecological conversion that puts an end to the idolatry of money and puts dignity and life at the center," Francis wrote

Francis’ letters are being viewed as a papal intervention to compel the Italian government to lift the decree of April 7, closing seaports to ships not flying the Italian flag and refusing entry to illegal migrants in keeping with pandemic restrictions.
However, Italian media personality Antonio Socci blasted the pontiff’s interference: “Pope Bergoglio asks for the reopening, not of the churches but of ports for immigrants, and he does so by writing to Luca Casarini.”
Socci, well-known for his books on Fatima, Padre Pio and Karol Wojtyła, said he was “bewildered by a pope who detests Italy and Italians and detests Catholics.”
“God makes them [Francis and Casarini] and then couples them,” Socci tweeted, slamming the pontiff for being “happy with the closure of the churches.” 

Others denounced (Bergoglio), writing: "he doesn't care about the safety of the Sicilians and the police and health workers. His heart is exclusively for Africa ... But go there to be a missionary then!"

One commenter even posted an article from Argentinian intellectual, writer and journalist Horacio Verbitsky, accusing Francis of having "collaborated with the dictators."  
Speaking to Church Militant, an Italian academic described Casarini as "one of the worst anti-globalists" who has ironically now changed his position and is supporting globalization because it means tearing down borders and swamping Italy and Europe with migrants — mostly men from the Islamic world.
Casarini calls himself "disobbediente" (disobedient) and the newspapers speak of his "anarchist sympathies," the academic observed.

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