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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Marty Couri: I can’t name five Catholics who think Francis is good for the Church


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Aug 1

Bishops, why don’t you lead? Our society needs and craves spiritual leadership, Marty Couri, writes in a letter to the editor of the Journal Star, the major daily newspaper for Peoria, Illinois. Couri says about himself that – quote – “for 58 years, there have only been a handful of Sundays where I haven’t been in a church pew since the day I was born.” He has a question for his bishop, Peoria Bishop Daniel Jenky, and other religious leaders: Where did your voices go? Where has your leadership been over the last few years? How did you get into the position you are in if you won’t lead?

Astounding lack of courage. Couri explains that our society needs and craves spiritual leadership and guidance more than ever, not the cowardice that is put forward. For him, the lack of courage is astounding. Quote, “We are looking for shepherds to lead, and you wonder why your pews are more and more empty? Except for a few brave priests around the country who have had the courage, we hear nothing. Unfortunately, those same priests are now under vicious attacks from their own bishops and are being stripped of their parishes.”

We need Christ-like bishops. For Couri, it is sad to say, but the bishops are cowards who lack true conviction. His assessment – quote: “With the Catholic Church in Peoria, we haven’t had true leadership since the early to mid-80s – which is approaching 40 years.” He suggests that maybe we just need to hire a very good administrator to run our diocese and save the money on the bishop position, then at least maybe we will have fiscal responsibility. Quote, “We need Christ-like bishops who speak out when they see injustice and wrongs in society that are dragging the faithful down.”

What a disappointment to the faithful. Our country is drowning in a tidal wave of sin and the bishops choose not to lift a finger. Show true leadership and people will follow. But like everything else, it all starts at the top with our so-called pope, the bishop of Rome. What a disappointment to the faithful. I can’t name five Catholics who think he is good for the church. There is a reason why more than one saint has said something along the lines of “the streets of hell are paved with the skulls of bishops."

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